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The most used mobile browsers worldwide based on statistics from April 2020 are Chrome with more than 60% of market share (more than 6 months before), Safari with about 25% market share (much less than 6 months before), Samsung browser with about 5% (about the same), UC browser, Firefox and Opera with about 6-7% market share and the rest browsers only maximum 3%. No matter the browser name, browser monitoring will always be a wanted feature for tracking app.

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Spy App for Mobile Phone is a full app with a full list of browsers available on the market, even from the not so popular ones. Here is the full list of :
- Chrome,
- Firefox,
- S-Browser (Galaxy S5 default browser),
- UC Browser,
- CM Secure Browser, Web Browser & Explorer,
- Dolphin,
- Opera Mini,
- Opera,
- Puffin,
- APUS Browser,
- UC Browser Mini,
- Maxthon,
- Next Browser,
- UC Browser HD for Tablet,
- Yandex,
- Dolphin Zero,
- Firefox Beta,
- InBrowser,
- Chrome Beta,
- Ghostery,
- Opera browser beta,
- Quick Browser,
- DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser,
- Brave Privacy Browser,
- Kiwi Browser,
- Mint Browser,
- Via Browser,
- Browser for Android,
- UC Browser Turbo,
- Phoenix Browser,
- Web Browser and Fast Explorer,
- Microsoft Edge.

In other words, you name a browser and this most likely is in our browser monitoring list.

Browser monitoring include next options: 1. URL of the visited browser with date and time; 2. Saved pictures or print-screens made in pictures logs; 3. Block browser feature by URL; 4. Block browser feature by key-word; 5. Block app feature.

Browser monitoring quick troubleshooting

Spapp Monitoring is a phone monitoring app always developed, with 24/7 technical support and a FREE trial to test it out on the wanted device. However, even if there is any issue, if this is not a limitation f rom Android OS, then we most likely can help you to fix it:

1. I don't receive browser logs at all - Please check if you did enable accessibility.

2. I receive only few browser logs - You need to enable notification for Spapp Monitoring and to make sure SPAPP Monitoring activity is not interrupted by following the steps for your model or steps from II. Disable Doze Battery Optimization. However, for Chrome browser monitoring it is possible to still have skips as our app is tracking only URLs the phone user was typing into.

3. How does the block browser functions are working? - Please check the full guide for website blocker troubleshooting.

Still got some issues or questions? You can write us to sup[email protected] and someone will help you really soon.

Enjoy your browser monitoring app and use it responsibly and legally!

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