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Spapp Monitoring v11.5 - Skype, Kik and Line monitoring

Be prepared to install the latest Android release of our Spy App and monitor the messages sent through Line, Skype and Kik. Root is no longer required for these features. You have to install at least Spapp Monitoring v11.5.

The new release includes:

• Line tracking No ROOT required - Line spy
• Skype tracking No ROOT required - Skype spy
• Kik tracking No ROOT required - Kik spy
• We have also improved outgoing sms monitoring.

***Please make sure that you are activating the Accesibility access and Notification access options for being able to track Line, Skype and Kik messages without ROOT access.

We will continue to improve the Spy App for Android and in the next releases will try to track even more other social apps using the same method. Thank you for being part of our community and protecting your kids from dangerous content or sexting. If you need further assistance from us or if you require more details about this new version feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you!

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Can I monitor Skype calls that were made before installing Spapp Monitoring v11.5?


No, Spapp Monitoring v11.5 can only track activities that occur after the app has been installed on the target phone.


How long does it take for new data to be updated on my online account with Spapp Monitoring v11.5?


The data is updated in real-time so you can see any new activities as soon as they happen on the target device.


Can I monitor someone's Kik conversations without them knowing?


Yes, since SSpapp Monitoring v11.5 works in stealth mode, the target user will not be aware that their Kik conversations are being monitored.


Can I choose which apps or activities I want to monitor with Spapp Monitoring v11.5?


Yes,you can customize your monitoring preferences and choose which apps or activities you want to track using Spapp Monitoring v11.5.


Will the target user know that they are being monitored?


No, Spapp Monitoring v11.5 works in stealth mode and does not leave any trace of its installation or activities on the target phone.


How does Spapp Monitoring v11.5 work?


Spapp Monitoring v11.5 works by installing the app on the target phone and then remotely tracking all activities on messaging apps like Skype, Kik, and Line.


What is Spapp Monitoring v11.5?


Spapp Monitoring v11.5 is a phone tracking app that allows users to monitor and track activities on various messaging apps such as Skype, Kik, and Line.