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The best settings for protecting your children

The best settings for protecting your children

Have you often wondered which are the best settings for our application? Do you want to ensure a high level of security while protecting your child using our Spapp Monitoring – parental control mobile software? Below you will find the best tips and tricks for maximum performance and reliability.

Tips & Tricks

Rule #1 – Activate the device administrator rights feature

Its advantages are:
- Your children will not be able to Uninstall our Spapp Monitoring – Parental control application without knowing the password set by you during the registration process. This way you can get rid of worries knowing that the mobile spy app will be uninstalled by your teenager.
- The Force close process can’t be executed. Therefore the app will regularly send data to our servers.
- The Cache and Data collected by this Cell Spy can’t be cleared. As a result no logs will be missing from your account.
How to activate the device administrator rights feature

Rule #2 – Display a notification on notification bar

This rule is useful especially if the target device runs Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, 4.4 KitKat or 5.0 Lollipop
This option comes also with other benefits besides the fact that your teen will feel safe knowing that the device is protected by our Cell Spy software.

Its advantages are:
- The call records and surroundings will no longer be interrupted
- Our mobile spy will be immune to task killers

By default our Mobile tracker application is immune to task killers for Android up to 4.2. If a task killer/anti spy app is installed on the target phone then the recording process may be interrupted. Using the notification from the notification bar the processes for recording phone calls/surroundings will be placed to the foreground. This means that the phone calls/surroundings records will be recorded without any interruption.

Rule #3 – Use the Live control feature

You're always concerned about your child's safety, isn’t it? Then use the SMS commands to find out where and with whom is your child.

Its advantages are:
- You can find almost in real time if your child is at school / university or elsewhere (using the Restart GPS command)
- You can find out if you child spends time to study or for other purposes (using the Record audio, Take picture or Take front picture commands)
- You can find information about his activity even if the internet connection was stopped intentionally (using the Start net, Restart net, Restart Wi-fi or Start Wi-fi commands)

All SMS commands are available here
If you think that these commands are difficult to remember then you can customize them

Rule #4 – Use the Web browser provided by our company

The new Spapp Monitoring Web browser is a powerful one and comes with several innovative features.

Its advantages are:
- This browser comes with the private /incognito mode disabled. As a result you will be able to see all websites accessed by your teens. In this way you will have more control over them.
- This Web browser is a pure browser (without useless plug-ins or unnecessary options). This means that the web pages will load very fast compared to other browsers.

Rule #5 - Disable Incognito Browsing

You can use the "Disable Incognito Browsing" if you have installed the Web browser v1.0.
Its advantages are:
- Our parental control software will block all others browsers from the device (eg Google Chrome, Firefox etc)
- The teenagers will only be able to use the Spapp Monitoring Web browser v1.0 (without private /incognito mode)
- All pages visited by your child will be tracked by our monitoring tool

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