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Nowadays, texts or SMS messages aren't used as few years ago. Most people have a smartphone with mobile internet connection. Even if you don't have mobile internet, you can find pretty easily free WiFi internet. Sometimes still it's easier to send a text just in case the internet is slow or who knows what other reason.
No matter your reasons to use texts it still remains a very important feature as any smartphone still have it so text monitoring is still a thing.

What is text monitoring and when you can use it

Text monitoring is the same thing as SMS monitoring. That means you can see the received and sent messages on a target smartphone. It seems like an agent 007 thing but has quite on hand uses for day to day live:
1. Parental control - is very important for parental control as you can control your kid internet connection but probably you don't want the phone to not have credit just in case otherwise it is better just to not give your kid a smartphone at all. When internet is limited a kid will use texting as a solution and here comes the text monitoring in aid for any parent;
2. Employee monitoring - text monitoring can be very useful for employee monitoring. You'll know for sure when he/she is trying to sell you out or using the work smartphone for personal use. However, you'll always need your employee permission in monitoring his/her activity even if the smartphone is a company one;
3. Personal data backup - Got some important messages on your phone? Then text monitoring can be very handy for backing up this data in case of anything (broken phone, lost phone, stolen phone etc.).

Not sure about the use of a text monitoring app yet? You can always extend it, just make sure you use it legally otherwise you are breaking the law. More than this, Phone Monitoring is a FULL monitoring app, it has many other features not only text monitoring and the even better thing is you'll receive a FREE trial to test the app on your target device.

Text monitoring quick troubleshooting

As the Android is in continuous change with upgrades, customization and who knows what else, there always may appear some issues when text monitoring but in most cases we have a solution. Here is a quick troubleshooting for text monitoring:

1. Missing outgoing text messages - Phone Tracker should track ALL text messages. In such situations you have an inbuilt task killer. To shut it down you must enable notification and disable battery optimization apps. Our app is NOT draining the battery, it just need to work in foreground in order to extract your data, including for text monitoring.

2. Missing text messages (but having all the other logs) - In case you are missing the text logs but still receive other logs that is most likely a permission issue. If you are sure there are sms messages but your text monitoring seems to not see them, then check if the app has permission to take sms messages. Go to settings -> apps -> backup -> permissions -> and check everything.

3. Deleted text monitoring - In case you are wondering if a deleted text messages will appear in your logs then yes, it will. If it was on the target smartphone, it will be in your SMS logs as well.

Got more issues or questions regarding text monitoring or any other features from Spy App for Mobile Phone? Don't hesitate to write us to support@spappmonitoring. com

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