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Spapp Monitoring version 6 is now available!

We've listened to your feedback and requests in order to make the Spapp Monitoring even better, and we are happy to announce the launch of a new Spapp Monitoring version. In version 6 you can now record phone conversations and WhatsApp messages (even if the phone hasn't been rooted). Phone call Spy now includes Call Recorder Spy

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New Features

With Spapp Monitoring v6, phone calls are recording automatically and sent to your account, whenever the tracked phone connects to the Internet. You can listen the recordings directly from your account, or save them to your computer as .mp4 files.
There are no limitations! You can store an unlimited number of phone call conversations, regardless of their duration. And there's no need to worry about Internet costs. You can set the application to use only Wi-Fi for sending the audio files to your account.
Last, but not least, you can now track the WhatsApp messages even from phones that haven't been rooted.


You can download the lates version from here. Important note: Please uninstall any previous Spapp Monitoring versions you might have on the phone, before installing Spapp Monitoring v6.


In order to take advantage of the call recording feature please make sure you select "Include call recording" when buying your phone subscription. If you already have a subscription with us, you can upgrade it from the "Make Payment" page.


Below you can find a list with the most common questions and answers related to Spapp Monitoring version 6. Spapp Monitoring v6 - Call recording support
Spapp Monitoring v6 - Call recording payment support
Spapp Monitoring v6 - WhatsApp without ROOT
Spapp Monitoring v6 - Legal terms for call recording

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What type of platforms are supported by Spapp Monitoring version 6?


Spapp Monitoring runs best on Android devices but is also compatible with iOS platform (iPhone & iPad). You will need physical access at least once when installing the software onto each new device you wish monitoring later however no jailbreaking required for iPhones/iPads unlike many other competitors software similar programs available today making installing fast and easy even if you lack technical skills!


What is Spapp Monitoring version 6?


Spapp Monitoring version 6 is a phone tracker app that allows users to track and monitor the activities of their smartphones remotely.


What type of devices does Spapp Monitoring version 6 support?


The app supports both Android and iOS devices.


Will my data usage increase due to using this app?


Since all data collected by Spapp Monitoring version 6 will be uploaded to your online account, there may be an increase in data usage. However, the amount of data consumed is minimal and will not significantly impact your overall data plan.


Does this app have any visible icon or name on the monitored device?


No visible icons or names will appear on the monitored device after installation. The app operates covertly in hidden mode.


Do I need physical access to the target phone to install this app?


Yes, physical access to the target phone is required for installation. However, after setup, you will not need access again as everything can be done remotely from your online account.


How does it work?


After downloading and installing the app onto the target's device, data can be tracked and monitored via an online dashboard or Android application. The user will receive notifications about key events so they remain informed of activities taking place on the device even when away from it.


What is Spapp Monitoring version 6?


Spapp Monitoring version 6 is an advanced spy phone app that offers real-time monitoring of activity on a device. It allows users to monitor activities including calls, texts, GPS location and more from anywhere in the world.