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Nowadays many promise you can number track easily on internet just by giving the phone number to some so-said hacker. Probably many already understood but surely many still dream about some wonder method and super-hackers. Here is the truth: remote phone number tracking is not possible. The good news is you can use an app as a number tracker.

How to use Spapp Monitoring - Phone tracker by number as a mobile number track app

Spapp Monitoring - Phone tracker by number is a number tracker app with a complex list of features. Spapp Monitoring is trackign the device it is installed on so no matter if the SIM card is changed or not or even if the device is a dual SIM one you'll see everything, like:

1. Call logs and call recording tracking - phone number tracking of incoming and outgoing call with time, duration, contact number and/or name and even call recording;
2. Text messages spy (SMS and MMS) - cell number track of all incoming and outgoing messages with contact, time and date of each incoming and outgoing text message;
3. Social media tracking - Whatsapp spy for messages, received pics and videos and of course Whatsapp cal recording and notes; Facebook chat and call recording spy; Snapchat spy for chats; Instagram chat spy; Telegram tracking for messages and many more;
4. Live feed from phone and around it with front or back camera;
5. Browser tracking;
6. Multimedia files tracking - pics and videos from camera, downloaded and received from many social media apps;
7. Block functions - when you number track a device you can also block some specific phone numbers, browser URLs or apps;
8. Live control functions;
9. GPS tracking and many more.

As you can see, Phone Tracker is more than a number track app. It is a complex tracking app, with many features and we always develop it and add more depending on the market and users' needs.

How to trace phone number

All you need to do in order to use Spy App for Mobile Phone as a number track app is to install it on the device you wish to monitor according our install guide or ask our technical support for specific install guides for Realme, Xiaomi, Oppo or Vivo devices.
However, the general Spapp Monitoring's install guide is also valid.

Just make sure to disable the inbuilt task killers immediately after the install based on your model and Android version. If your model is missing, then follow steps from II or/and contact us to assist you with that matter on [email protected]

Note: Spapp Monitoring is intended for legal use only. Please check your local law, especially when using our app on tracking someone over 18 years old.,/p>

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