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Install guide on Android 10

The install guide for Android 10 devices is quite similar with the previous Android version. However, there are few differences and in this install guide we'll show it to you step-by-step. On Android 11 the install guide is the same as on Android 10 so please check this guide

Android 10 and 11 devices install guide:

First of all you need physical access to the target device as on all other Android versions. There is only one preparation step - to make sure Play Protect is OFF. The second one is done during the install itself.

ATTENTION: You need physical access to the device you want to monitor!
Before you install the application on the target phone disable Play Protect:
- Go to Google Play -> tap on the menu icon -> select Play Protect -> go to Play Protect Settings icon in the right corner and Switch OFF the ""Scan all installed apps". Confirm your selection.

1. Go to device's browser type and tap on "Enter".
2. Insert the CAPTCHA characters (please pay attention to upper or lower cases), check "Terms of service". We recommend first to access the link and read it. Check "I confirm that I am at least 18 years old" and "I understand that the application must be used legally". Now tap on "Download".
3. Now tap on "Open".
4. Tap on "Install".
5. Select "Settings" to allow the install from this source -> switch ON.
6. Tap on "Open". App permissions will be switched ON all by default. We recommend the full access in order to receive all logs. Select "Continue".
7. Next window is regarding recording access. Select "Start now".
8. This window is just an informative one. However, the app is compatible with Android 10 devices. Now tap on OK.
9. The background work is very important as Phone Monitoring is working mostly in background so select "Allow".
10. You can check or not to enable notification for Phone Tracker but we recommend to do it already from the install. In case you have many push notifications and this is annoying I'll show you at the end of the installations steps how to hide it. Select "accept - Next".
11. If this is a new device you must register it by introducing email and password. Check to accept "Terms of service" and tap on login. If this is not the firts install on the device then the email will be filled by default and you must to login only.
12. Tap on Notification settings -> Switch ON for Backup and confirm by selecting "Allow". This is important for incoming social media messages.
13. Tap on "Accessibility settings" -> Find Spy App and tap on it -> Switch ON and confirm by selecting "Allow". This is important for outgoing social media messages, browser logs and even call recording on Android 10.
14. Tap on "Check warnings". Please activate admin rights even if the app can be uninstalled even if enabled the admin rights. Admin rights prevent the accessibility blocking. On Android 11 it is very important even for pictures and call recording features so if you want all your logs, admin rights is a mandatory setting to do. You can disable all warnings or you can leave them.
15. Tap on "App usage settings" -> select Backup and switch ON.
16. Select "Back".
17. Select "Start now" again for the recording notification.
18. Select "Exit".

Spy App for Android is installed and ready to start.

After installation tips and tricks

1. How to take the app's icon off the main screen:
Press on the app's icon and move on the left upper corner where the word "Remove" will appear. Do NOT take the finger off. When you are on the "Remove" word take off your finger and the app will be removed from the home screen. That's all.

2. How to hide the SPAPP Monitoring form the notifications bar:
Go to phone's Settings -> Apps and notifications -> select Backup -> Uncheck the “Show notifications” box -> press on the OK button. From this moment the notification will not be displayed on the phone anymore but the processes will still run in foreground and the app will not be paused or stopped.

NOTE: By removing the app's icon from the home screen and/or notifications bar the app will not become invisible. We remind you that Spy App for Mobile Phone is not invisible. When used on adults, written permission may be needed from the target device's user. It must be used legally and responsibly. Please check your local laws if needed.

After awhile you can check for logs. For this you must login on Spapp Monitoring with the email and password inserted during the install.

You can check the video tutorial for a better understanding of all the steps:

NOTE:Android is a registered trademark of GOOGLE LLC. For more information on Android 10 you can go to the Android 10 page.