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Huawei smartphones are the ones of the most used in China with a share of 48% of the smartphone market. However, according last statistics Huawei has 18.8% of the European smartphones market share and this number is growing. Huawei smartphones are becoming popular due to its low prices for a smartphone. This is why Huawei monitoring solutions are becoming more and more necessarily.

Why to use a Huawei monitoring app

People using a Huawei monitoring app have different reasons even when using the same app. Spapp Monitoring is a full monitoring app, used worldwide for Android OS especially, including Huawei monitoring.

Spapp Monitoring is for next uses:
1. parental control - control your child's smartphone use remotely, know where is and what is he/she doing online;
2. employee monitoring - check if your employees are using the working smartphone for work;
3. own data backup - secure your own smartphone data and re-check conversations or call you've had.

Note: When used on adults, you need permission from the monitored person even if the device is yours.

Spapp Monitoring has features for all Huawei monitoring uses: - social app monitoring for any teenager. You name an app and it is probably in our social apps chats features - call recordings and surroundings - know if your employee is not selling you up or re-check a conversation you've had.
- block browser, block apps, block phone numbers - for a smooth parental control.
- SMS and MMS tracking - perfect for any use.

How to use Phone Monitoring as a Huawei monitoring app

As any Android app, Phone Tracker needs some settings to be done in order to be sure it will work smoothly.

Spy App for Mobile Phone needs to work in background without interruption and on last Android versions this Huawei monitoring app can be blocked or even killed. The good news are you can prevent it by following few easy steps:

1. Follow the install guide and make sure to not skip the preparation steps.

2. Activate Protected apps for Spapp Monitoring on your Huawei (or Honor) smartphone (Steps from VII)
Check the detailed instructions on how to activate this Huawei monitoring app in the next video:

3. Enable notification for Spapp Monitoring.

4. Check the extra settings for Huawei monitoring depending on your target device Android version.

Now your Huawei monitoring is good to use without any blocking.
Enjoy your Huawei monitoring!

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George - -124 days ago

Spy Phone App works on Huawei phones but you have to add it as a protected app