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Good news for all the Whatsapp, Facebook and Snapchat tracking users! Now you are able to see ALL the in-chat messages on Whatsapp, most of the in-chat messages on Facebook Messenger and some in-chat messages on Snapchat without ROOT. Interested? Keep reading!

All you need to know about WhatsApp tracking updates

Spy App for Mobile Phone can be used as a WhatsApp spy app without ROOT now more than anytime! Here is all you need to knwo about each Whatsapp tracker features:

1. Starting version 16.2 we've managed to track ALL Whatsapp messages no matter if in-chat messages WITHOUT Root. As you already know, until now in-chat messages weren't fully tracked. The good news is on all tested devices the app tracked the in-chat messages 100%. Seems perfect, right? All you need to do is to uninstall th eold version and install the new version according the install guide.

2. Starting same version 16.2 of SPAPP Monitoring - Phone Tracker we've changed the order of chat messages. Now you'll read them from up to down as a normal text (not from down to up as it was previously). Seems as not a big deal, but less confusing and much more comfortable to read a chat. You can check it based on the date and time of each chat message.

3. You already probably know that starting version 16.0 of SPAPP Monitoring - Spy App, for all Android 10 and 11 devices you'll receive also Whastapp call recording. Whatsapp Notes are available for all Androdi evrsion. The condition is to have a full subscription. These Whatsapp call recording spy features are still valid and improved on version 16.2.

All you need to know about Facebook and Snapchat tracking updates

1. Starting version 16.2 of SPAPP Monitoring - Spy App for Android you will be able to see most of in-chat messages on Facebook Messenger no matter your Android version and no ROOT required. On some devices it will be 100%, on some less. However, the new method helps us extract much more from in-chat messages then previously so you'll be able to see more for sure. All you need to do is to unisntall th eold SPAPP Monitoring version and install the new one

2. Facebook call recording is available for Android 10 and 11 devices, as well as Viber call recording.

3. As for Whatsapp chat, Facebook Messenger chat, Snapchat and any other chat app, starting version 16.2 of SPAPP Monitoring - Phone Monitoring, you'll see the messages from the oldest up to the newest down. You can check it witht he time of each message.

4. Snapchat in-chat messages are tracked better but still not fully without ROOT. However, with version 16.2 of SPAPP Monitoring you'll receive some incoming messages and that's a good thing and normally on Snapchat can be tracked only outgoing messages without ROOT.

Don't forget to update your version of SPAPP Monitoring!

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