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Google is more than just an search engine. One of its businesses rae Google phones. Nexus and Pixel smartphones are all Google phones. However, they usually make them in collaboration with other smartphone companies, such as HTC (recently brought by Google), Samsung, LG, Motorola and Huawei. All Nexus devices are made in such collaborations. On the other hand, Pixel devices are 100% Google made and they include not only smartphones but many other electronic goods. Google smartphones are considered one of the Android smartphones with a less customized Android OS. On the other hand, if there is a limitation, then a Google smartphone most likely will have it by default.
Google smartphones still don't have a significant market share in the field, but Google phones are growing in popularity worldwide and Android OS is without doubts the number one operating system (OS) used globally on smartphones. That said, Google monitoring becomes a growing necessity as well.

How to choose a Google monitoring app

There are many Google monitoring apps on the market. Some are better for some people, some are better for others. However, there are few things to take in consideration when choosing a Google monitoring app no matter your needs:
1. Use a legal Google monitoring app - no matter what you want to use it for, always use a legal app. If an app's marketing is based on being for stalking then skip it.
2. Check if the app has a FREE trial - If a Google monitoring app is offering a free trial that means you can test it and check yourself how it works on your specific device.
3. Check the pricing and the features offer - The price is very important based on the features offer. Being expensive is not being better in the field especially if you can test it.
4. Check the technical support - For any service or product you may need some support especially when we talk about apps, or Google monitoring apps. The existence of this, the quality and of course the waiting time are all very important.

One of the Google monitoring apps checking all of the above is Phone Monitoring. It has a FREE 3 days trial, 24/7 technical support, flexible subscription offer, many-many features including call recording and it is intended for legal uses only.

Spy App for Mobile Phone right use for Google monitoring

Spy App is a full monitoring app not only a Google monitoring app. However, there are few recommendations for a smooth Google monitoring:
1. Make sure to follow ALL install steps, including the 2 preparation steps - this is to prevent the uninstall or the block of the app. Even if this Google monitoring app is not for stalking, is visible and detectable, it extracts data, so make sure to uncheck "Scan device for security threats"

2. Disable doze battery optimization (steps from II) as this is an inbuilt task killer. You can check even more details about task killers on Pixel and Nexus devices here.
3. Enable notification for Spapp Monitoring | Phone Tracker and know why to do it.

By doing these 3 easy steps you'll make sure your Google monitoring app is working fine in background and in foreground

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