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The most popular chat app is WhatsApp being by far the number one worldwide. However, in some countries or areas WhatsApp is not the most used chat app. For example in China the number one is WeChat, in Ukraine it is Viber, in Russia Telegram, in many European countries Facebook is much more used than WhatsApp and the list can go on and on. Nowadays, everybody has at list one chat app no matter the age, the education, the country or the income. When someone is searching a monitoring app, probably chat monitoring is a must in his/her demand list.

What Chat monitoring is covering Spapp Monitoring without ROOT

Spapp Monitoring without ROOT is a full monitoring app so chat monitoring is something you'll definitely find. More than this, Spapp Monitoring without ROOT has a quite big list of chat monitoring features from where to choose based on your own needs. This includes:

WhatsApp Monitoring
Facebook Monitoring
WeChat Monitoring
Snapchat Monitoring
Instagram Monitoring
Viber Monitoring
Skype Monitoring
Telegram Monitoring
VK Monitoring
• Twitter monitoring
Hangouts Monitoring
• Tango monitorign
• Kik monitoring
Hike Monitoring
Line Monitoring
Tinder Monitoring
• KakaoTalk monitoring • imo monitoring • Zalo monitoring • Discord monitoring

The list is always renewed with every new release as well as app variations how is Facebook and Facebook Lite (of course valid for Messenger as well). Using Spapp Monitoring without ROOT means an always developed app with new chat monitoring features and developed old ones.

How to make sure Phone Tracker, your chat monitoring app, is working fine

Phone Monitoring is working by extracting data from the target device. It is intended for legal use only and as all the other app is NOT invisible or undetectable. However, because of its specific, it can be blocked or even unisntalled by inbuilt task killers, Google or even Antivirus/Antispyware apps.
The good news are you always can prevent the unwanted block or automatic uninstall by following few easy steps:

1. Before the install (or even if you sis install it already, still not too late), disable Google Play Security. This is avery important step as Google may block the install or even unisntall it later.

2. Durring the install process, at the end you have the options to enable push notifications and accessibility. These settings are for chat monitoring without ROOT. However, if you did skip it you can do these steps even after the install:
=> In order to receive incoming whatsapp, facebook and other social apps messages you need to enable enable push notifications;
=> In order to receive outgoing whatsapp, facebook and other social apps messages and browser logs you need to enable accessibility.

3. After the install, make sure SPAPP Monitoring's activity is not interrupted. All you need to do is to Enable notification (steps from I) and to choose your model frm the list and of course to follow teh steps. If you device model is not in the list, stick to steps from II. By doing these steps, SPAPP Monitoring activity will not be interrupted in background or in foreground, so you can do your chat monitoring without problems.

4. In case your target device has an installed antivirus/antispyware app and you can't or don't want to unistall it, you need to add our app in the Whitelist (exceptions list) of that specific app. The process of adding our application to the whitelist differs depending on the antivirus/antispyware apps installed on the target phone. That is not an universally valid one. We will explain the general steps:
-> Open the antivirus/antispyware app installed on the target phone;
-> Search for Whitelist (exception list) tab;
-> Click “Add” and search for the Android app you want to add to Whitelist (our app is under SPAPP monitoring or Backup name on the device);
-> Select whether or not you want to make it optional or mandatory and click Add;
-> Once you’ve added our app to the Whitelist, click Save All Policies.

That's all, your chat monitoring app is good to use without headaches. However, in case you have any questions or issues, don't hesitate to write to our technical support on [email protected]

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