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The most popular chat app is WhatsApp being by far the number one worldwide. However, in some countries or areas WhatsApp is not the most used chat app. For example in China the number one is WeChat, in Ukraine it is Viber, in Russia Telegram, in many European countries Facebook is much more used than WhatsApp and the list can go on and on. Nowadays, everybody has at list one chat app no matter the age, the education, the country or the income. When someone is searching a monitoring app, probably chat monitoring is a must in his/her demand list.

What Chat monitoring is covering Spapp Monitoring without ROOT

Spapp Monitoring without ROOT is a full monitoring app so chat monitoring is something you'll definitely find. More than this, Spapp Monitoring without ROOT has a quite big list of chat monitoring features from where to choose based on your own needs. This includes:

WhatsApp Monitoring
Facebook Monitoring
WeChat Monitoring
Snapchat Monitoring
Instagram Monitoring
Viber Monitoring
Skype Monitoring
Telegram Monitoring
VK Monitoring
• Twitter monitoring
Hangouts Monitoring
• Tango monitorign
• Kik monitoring
Hike Monitoring
Line Monitoring
Tinder Monitoring
• KakaoTalk monitoring • imo monitoring • Zalo monitoring • Discord monitoring

The list is always renewed with every new release as well as app variations how is Facebook and Facebook Lite (of course valid for Messenger as well). Using Spapp Monitoring without ROOT means an always developed app with new chat monitoring features and developed old ones.

How to make sure Phone Tracker, your chat monitoring app, is working fine

Phone Monitoring is working by extracting data from the target device. It is intended for legal use only and as all the other app is NOT invisible or undetectable. However, because of its specific, it can be blocked or even unisntalled by inbuilt task killers, Google or even Antivirus/Antispyware apps.
The good news are you always can prevent the unwanted block or automatic uninstall by following few easy steps:

1. Before the install (or even if you sis install it already, still not too late), disable Google Play Security. This is avery important step as Google may block the install or even unisntall it later.

2. Durring the install process, at the end you have the options to enable push notifications and accessibility. These settings are for chat monitoring without ROOT. However, if you did skip it you can do these steps even after the install:
=> In order to receive incoming whatsapp, facebook and other social apps messages you need to enable enable push notifications;
=> In order to receive outgoing whatsapp, facebook and other social apps messages and browser logs you need to enable accessibility.

3. After the install, make sure SPAPP Monitoring's activity is not interrupted. All you need to do is to Enable notification (steps from I) and to choose your model frm the list and of course to follow teh steps. If you device model is not in the list, stick to steps from II. By doing these steps, SPAPP Monitoring activity will not be interrupted in background or in foreground, so you can do your chat monitoring without problems.

4. In case your target device has an installed antivirus/antispyware app and you can't or don't want to unistall it, you need to add our app in the Whitelist (exceptions list) of that specific app. The process of adding our application to the whitelist differs depending on the antivirus/antispyware apps installed on the target phone. That is not an universally valid one. We will explain the general steps:
-> Open the antivirus/antispyware app installed on the target phone;
-> Search for Whitelist (exception list) tab;
-> Click “Add” and search for the Android app you want to add to Whitelist (our app is under SPAPP monitoring or Backup name on the device);
-> Select whether or not you want to make it optional or mandatory and click Add;
-> Once you’ve added our app to the Whitelist, click Save All Policies.

That's all, your chat monitoring app is good to use without headaches. However, in case you have any questions or issues, don't hesitate to write to our technical support on [email protected]

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Does Spapp Monitoring spy phone app provide real-time updates for logged conversations?


Yes – through its proprietary technology called the 'instant logger,' users are able to receive notifications and alerts whenever a new conversation takes place targeting the person who is being tracked, along with the ability to replay recorded calls and view images exchanged during the chat between both parties involved in real time. This feature adds an extra layer of protection in cases where something out of the ordinary arises during the course of surveillance efforts. It starts early and automatically, so there's no need to worry about manually logging each individual entry, saving precious minutes and hours every day. It's a significant convenience factor and adds value to the overall package, offering an assurance of 24/7 nonstop monitoring, no matter what changes occur in the wor


Are there any restrictions regarding country usage when using Spapp Monitoring spy phone app?


No - this spy app is accessible worldwide, regardless of where you are located! From Europe to Asia, Africa to America, Australia and the far reaches of the planet, it is available to everyone everywhere. This means that anyone who wishes to gain insight into another person's online interactions, then it's the perfect tool to do just that, providing the watchful eye needed to protect those closest to us. Safeguarding digital life accordingly, wherever you may roam around the globe, it offers fantastic peace of mind in almost unimaginable situations that pose themselves now and in the future. It provides a vigilant awareness, no matter how minor or serious the situation may be, as it could potentially become an issue over time.


How does the remote control panel work?


The remote control panel is a secure web interface that allows you to access all the data collected by the app remotely. Through this feature, users are able to view logs of conversations made on messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Skype, browse browser history and bookmarks, view GPS locations and routes traveled, access instant messenger chats, and much more, depending on which subscription plan you've purchased. All data collected can be securely viewed online anytime and from anywhere around the world, giving you peace of mind knowing that activity is being responsibly monitored at all times with the utmost privacy safeguarded at every step of the way.


Does it support multiple device platforms?


Yes – Spapp Monitoring spy phone app works with both iOS and Android devices without worrying about compatibility issues arising whatsoever. This enables customers to take full advantage of the product regardless of which platform they use. Furthermore, users are able to switch between different types of phones/tablets easily, and the software seamlessly adapts to whatever device is currently being used. Whenever it connects to an account, so it's an overall great feature, especially for those times when you need to track people at the same time across various platforms, whether you want to monitor family members or employees, you can do so swiftly and


Is there an additional cost associated with using Spapp Monitoring spy phone app?


No - all of the features included within the software are available at no additional cost once you have purchased the subscription for your desired package plan! However, if you require any extra functionality or services related to this product, there may be some fees involved depending upon the option chosen. Please contact customer support directly to inquire about further details related to the matter before making a purchase order to avoid potential misunderstandings due to a misunderstanding of the information supplied beforehand. It's always a good idea to check beforehand each time, just in case something unforeseen happens along the way.


What is the difference between Spapp Monitoring spy phone app and other spy apps?


Spapp Monitoring spy phone app differs from other spy apps in that it provides a comprehensive surveillance solution for users to monitor their employees' messages sent and received on messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, and Telegram. This allows employers to keep track of employee communication and ensure they follow workplace policies. In addition, this software also has features such as call recording, GPS tracking, instant messenger chat logging, number blocking, and more, making it extremely useful in monitoring activities taking place over different


Can I monitor my employees' chats even when they're not connected to Wi-Fi?


Yes – since Spapp Monitoring spy phone app works completely independently from an internet connection, the only exception would be if the mobile phone/tablet being monitored is switched off entirely. Otherwise, as long as a person using the device engages in some form of communication (i.e., sending messages or making calls via messaging apps, etc.), then the tracking capability still remains active. This comes in quite handy for cases where you need to follow up on employee behavior and actions taken outside of office hours. It helps ensure that all regulations and policies


How often does Spapp Monitoring spy phone app update its database?


Regular updates are made to the database a couple of times per month to ensure that the most recent version of the software is always available for use. This ensures that customers get the best experience with the product itself, plus any feature bug fixes are included. This means that any new applications added to the list or ones already supported prior to installation will automatically become active as soon as the download is applied to the compatible device. This is a fantastic feature that adds convenience and value to the overall package, offering anyone looking to keep track of conversations happening in their own workplace or personal lives an assurance of 24/7 nonstop monitoring.


Is it possible to monitor multiple devices using just one account?


Yes – with Spapp Monitoring spy phone app, you can easily manage multiple devices from a single standard account! You simply need to log into the web portal wherever you wish to view all monitored information across various platforms. Once logged in, you are then able to switch between each installed application to view the relevant logs associated with each individual phone/tablet being tracked in a straightforward manner. This reduces any frustrating complications arising in the process and helps those who require keeping a close eye on the activity of multiple people at the same time, thus saving precious energy and resources.


Is there an alert feature available in Spapp Monitoring spy phone app?


Yes! The Alerts feature allows you to receive notifications whenever suspicious activities occur – perfect for when needing an extra level of protection during times when monitoring staff members or family members' online activity more closely than usual. Whenever certain activities, such as changes in login information or the usage of a particular app, take place, users are immediately notified. They can then investigate further to understand what’s going on without having to worry about missing out on important details in case something suspicious arises during the course of their surveillance efforts surrounding the target device being monitored.


Does the data collected by Spapp Monitoring spy phone app stay secure and private?


Absolutely - Spapp Monitoring spy phone app provides ultimate privacy and security for its users. All of the data collected is stored within a secured server network and is encrypted with SSL-Encryption technology to ensure that no third-party access can be obtained. Furthermore, you, as a user, have full control over who has access to your account and can delete any data at any time through the control panel on your device or via the website provided by the company.


Is there any way I can block certain numbers using Spapp Monitoring spy phone app?


Yes – through its 'number blocking' feature, users are able to restrict certain contacts to prevent them from making contact with the target person being monitored. This helps protect them from potentially dangerous situations arising due to unwanted callers contacting the mobile number on the monitored phone, day or night, providing superior peace of mind in virtually every imaginable situation. It allows you to take necessary measures to safeguard those we care about most, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on a nonstop basis, no matter what may come our way in the future.


Can I record phone calls using Spapp Monitoring spy phone app?


Yes! This feature allows you to record phone calls remotely – perfect when you need evidence that a certain conversation took place between parties involved during the call itself without needing any additional hardware equipment installed onto the target device beforehand! Simply enable the call recording option within the settings section of the web portal, and whenever any incoming/outgoing call takes place, the recorded file is automatically uploaded to the dashboard, ready for playback at a later date if needed. It's a great tool to have at your fingertips to ensure the safety and security of family members and staff alike!


How do I install Spapp Monitoring spy phone app on my device?


Installation of Spapp Monitoring spy phone app is relatively easy and straightforward - simply download the app from either Google Play or the App Store onto your target device (the one you wish to monitor). Once downloaded, you must then complete a simple setup process where you enter details such as your valid email address for further notifications/alerts, followed by setting up a unique password which will be used each time you log into the control panel (be sure not to forget this!). After completing these steps, your installation should now be complete – congratulations!


How does Spapp Monitoring spy phone app help in monitoring chat activities?


With the aid of this software, users gain access to an individual's chat logs. It records the conversations taking place over various popular messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, and Telegram. The data collected can be accessed remotely through a control panel installed on your device or via the website provided by the company. Through this logging feature, employers are able to keep track of employee communication and ensure they follow workplace policies relating to the appropriate use of online interactions with other parties. In addition to recording chat conversations, it also allows you to view images exchanged between both parties in real-time.