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In this guide we'll explain all you need to know when it comes to record phone screen, especially when using Phone Monitoring as a capture screenshot app.

How to use Phone Tracker as a capture screenshot app

In order to use Spy App for Mobile Phone as a capture screenshot app you must follow few settings:

1. Make sure you have at list version 16.3 of our app.
Tip: if your target device is on mobile internet more often then please make sure to have version 16.3.1 as we did some changes in how the link is done during a mobile internet connection.

2. Make sure you disable the inbuilt task killers on your target device. Ideally, you should do it during the install but is fine even after the install if app is not blocked yet. You have a general article on how to disable the inbuilt task killers (follow steps for your model or from II).
You also have some specific steps for some specific models with the perfect timing when to do these steps during the install process of Spapp Monitoring like how to disable the inbuilt task killers on a Realme device, how to disable the inbuilt task killers on a Xiaomi device, how to disable the inbuilt task killers on a Vivo device and how to disable the inbuilt task killers on a Oppo device.

3. Make sure Play Protect is off, as well as its notifications. You have 2 methods on how to disable Play Protect both fast to follow.

4. Make sure you have a full subscription as video capture screenshot feature is included only in the full subscription such as other recording features. If you have a basic subscription only, there's no need to buy a new subscription. You can simply upgrade your existing plan.
To do this, log in your account on the SPAPP Monitoring | Spy App for Android website, click on Make Payment (from the right menu) and then click the Upgrade button next to the phone subscription you would like to upgrade.

Now you have all settings set for your phone screen recorder app. All you need to do is to login to your account on our website -> Live control -> In "Commands using the Internet connection." choose your target device in case you have more devices you'll see the whole list. -> go to "live streaming" command (it is the first one) -> After the "start stream" button you have 3 rectangles with different settings to choose from. Go to third one and tap on the arrow -> select "capture screen". -> Tap on "start stream" button -> tap on the "open" button. Normally it should start immediately but on some device it can take longer to start (Xiaomi devices are the most customized so on these it could take up to 5 minutes for the Live stream commands to start). If the device is in sleep mode you'll see either a black image but should have some sound or a black image with the clock on (depending on the Android version and model).
Tip: tap on the "enter full screen" icon to Capture phone screen remotely fully.

Note: Please do not abuse Live streaming commands as these may drain the battery, consume more data in case the device is on mobile internet and break other recordings (like call recording and/or surroundings).

Tips and tricks for capture phone screen remotely feature

We have few tips and tricks to receive best results when you want to record phone screen of your target device:

1. Capture phone screen remotely command is the most sensitive live control command and Android is managing it to have access more often to the device due to this sensitivity. (you can see some personal and sensitive data such as payments apps for example). This is why the permissions for screen access needs to be renewed often (normally in about 3-5 days it will be disabled automatically by the Android). To restart this permission you need to restart our app (you are asked for the screen permission when you do it) by dialing #12345678# and tap on call -> Now is the moment when you are asked to "start recording or casting with Backup" -> tap on "start now (valid each time you see this notification when you are in the app's interface) -> accept-next -> exit.
Note: On lower Android versions you will not see this permission notification to be enabled as this is done normally only once during the install. However, the app restart is needed to restart this permission from the background.

2. For a better result, please use the phone screen recorder command from Chrome or Firefox browser from a Window laptop/computer. If you use it from a smartphone it can give errors as the browser app is customized by each manufacturer and also the Android.

3. When sending from some specific browsers or some specific devices it is not working at all. For example if you send the command from a Xiaomi device it will most likely not work even on Chrome. Same is valid for some browsers like UC browser, when sending the video capture screenshot command it will not working at all. This is why is also important where from you send the command.

4. The capture screenshot command as the other 2 Live streaming commands are internet commands so your target device MUST have internet connection when using this command otherwise the result will be an error message to connect your device to internet.

Tip: Sometimes it is better to start with the other 2 live streaming commands to capture phone surrounding remotely with video or audio only before trying to record phone screen as this command has the worst results due to its data sensitivity so you'll know if there is an issue with Live streaming commands at all or you need to restart the app to start the capture screenshot permission again.

Got some questions or any issues with our app? Feel free to contact us on [email protected] and we'll answer as soon as possible.

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