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In 2002 when the first phones got camera our world probably changed forever. In 2008, Google changed again the world by releasing the first Android smartphone. Now, almost each person has at list one smartphone. Camera options are one of the most developed and wanted features on a smartphone. Lately, the most visible new features for a new smartphone release is exactly the camera. Now you can make really good quality pictures with your phone anytime, anywhere. Teens especially are almost depended on their smartphone and its camera as well. Probably because this is the age when a person is the most interested in personal look, personal image and of course the impression made to the others. When you think about a parental control app, probably you don't need to think only about social apps monitoring, but take a look on camera monitoring features as well, it could be very useful and eye opening when it comes to your kid.

What is a camera monitoring app and how to use it

A camera monitoring app is a software used for smartphones in order to check all the made pictures with the camera (back camera or front camera). More than this, a camera monitoring app could have the option to make pictures by using live control, a handy tool for parental control apps especially. Phone Tracker is a full monitoring app with camera monitoring features included:
1. You'll see all front camera pictures made on the target device;
2. You'll see all back camera pictures made on the target device;
3. You'll see all received pictures from any other social app like Facebook, WhatsApp and more;
4. You'll receive all saved pictures on the target device;
5. You'll have the live control option to make a picture with the front camera or back camera. You can use 2 option for live control: SMS commands and internet commands.

As Spy App for Mobile Phone is more than just a camera monitoring app it has it all no matter your needs. From social app monitoring, SMS tracking, GPS monitoring to call recording and surroundings. All you need to do is to download and install the app on your target device. To make sure you'll receive all the needed logs, please follow the install guide.

Camera monitoring on Android 10

Android 10 is coming with many limitations and unfortunately that means there is nothing to do about it. One of the limitation in most devices is live control for camera commands. On most devices these commands do not work at all. However, we strongly recommend to test it with both commands, internet and SMS, and of course to make sure you send them right (for SMS commands especially). More about the Android 10 limitations you can check here.

As you probably already know, starting about Android 5, there are inbuilt task killers, so you'll need to make sure that Spapp Monitoring activity is not interrupted (steps fro I and II or instead of II the one for your specific model).

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