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Why you need a Zalo Tracker

Zalo is a freeware instant messaging owned by Zalo Group, having the parent company VNG Corporation. The app was released on 8 August 2012. This app is very popular in Vietnam. With over 32 million active users, this is the most used instant messaging in Vietnam. About 80% of all smartphone users in Vietnam have installed Zalo. Zalo in popular in general in Asia - In Myanmar it 2 million active users.

Because Spapp Monitoring has a lot of customers in Asia (including Vietnam), we had to add Zalo tracking to our feature list as our clients have requested. Most of the smartphones in Vietnam, or Asia in general are on the Android operating system. This is another plus for us since most of our tracking features are developed for the Android system. Zalo spy is an important feature to have if you plan to use our app for parental control. In many cases teenagers don't use just one app for texting. Adding another app so that we can track messages from that app, is always a plus. This is why the Zalo spy feature is good to have even if you are not from Vietnam. Spapp Monitoring comes with Zalo spy for Android even without Root. Before you use Spapp Monitoring, make sure that you will use it legally. It is your responsibility to comply with all the laws in your country. In general you will need consent from the phone's owner in order to track that phone.

When it comes to chat spy, Zalo tracking is an important feature to have (especially in Vietnam) but Spapp Monitoring offers a full package for tracking social media messages. We are always adding new features to our app. Now we support all major instant messaging apps and even a list of local instant messaging apps like Zalo. Here is a list of features that we offer for the most used instant messaging apps: Whatsapp Spy, Facebook Spy, Twitter Spy, Snapchat Spy, Instagram Spy, Telegram Spy or Viber Spy.

Quick Spy App for Mobile Phone set-up guide for Zalo monitoring and more

Installing SPAPP Monitoring comes in 2 simple steps. Open your internet browser and download Spapp Monitoring. Open SPAPP Monitoring after you install it and allow all permissions. Use your email to create an account, you must choose a pasword for your account. After you register your account, the app will ask you to allow notification and accessibility access. Without notification and accessibility access you will not be able to use our Zalo spy. Once you enable notification and accessibility access, SPAPP Monitoring will be able to track Zalo messages without Root.

Zalo is a registered trademark of the Zalo, Inc. To download Zalo you can go to the Zalo's Google Play page.

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