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Spapp Monitoring v11.3 - No ROOT for WhatsApp

Spapp Monitoring v11.3 - No ROOT for WhatsApp

Our company wants to make all the features of the SPAPP Monitoring - Spy App for Mobile Phone application available even for those without ROOTed devices.

Now we have developed the only monitoring software from the market that is able to track WhatsApp messages without ROOT and without needing to connect the phone to a Desktop device.

The new features introduced on Spapp Monitoring - Phone Tracker v11.3

• Monitor the WhatsApp messages (WhatsApp spy) even without ROOT by enabling the Accesibility access and Notification access
• Fixed some bugs for the latest Snapchat versions

Stay connected and in the next releases we are planning to implement this method even to the other social apps, giving you the possibility to track the software such as Facebook, Line and Tango without needing ROOT access at all.

Be sure to know how to use this WhatsApp Spy Tool because this is not a WhatsApp hack.

For the moment enjoy the new app and download and install Spapp Monitoring - Spy App v11.3 using the links from below.

Download now the Phone Tracker application for FREE:

Spapp Monitoring for Android

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Can I monitor WhatsApp on multiple devices with one subscription?


No, each device will require its own subscription and license.


Is there a way to track WhatsApp activity on an iPhone with this version of Spapp Monitoring?


Yes, the software is compatible with iOS devices and can track WhatsApp activity on iPhones.


Is technical support available for Spapp Monitoring v11.3?


Yes, they provide 24/7 technical support through email or live chat on the website.


What payment methods are accepted for Spapp Monitoring v11.3?


They accept all major credit cards and PayPal as payment methods for the software.


Is there a limit to how many devices I can monitor with one account?


There is no limit, but each device will require its own license.


How secure is my data on Spapp Monitoring's servers?


They use high-level encryption and security measures to protect your data on the servers. they also have strict privacy policies in place.


Is there a free trial available for Spapp Monitoring v11.3?


No, there is no free trial available for this version. However, they offer a 7-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.


Can I monitor multiple devices with one Spapp Monitoring account?


Yes, you can monitor multiple devices with a single Spapp Monitoring account. Spapp Monitoring is designed to accommodate the needs of individuals who may require tracking and supervision over several Android devices simultaneously. This capability enhances its utility for varied user groups such as parents managing their children's online activities, employers overseeing company-issued devices, or individuals looking after elderly family members. When setting up Spapp Monitoring on multiple devices, each device will need to have the monitoring software installed individually. After installation, these devices are added to your Spapp Monitoring dashboard. The dashboard acts as a central hub where all monitored data from each device is streamed and organized for your review. To facilitate this multi-device surveillance, the platform typically offers packages that allow users to add more than one device under the same account at a discounted rate compared to purchasing separate subscriptions for each device. This discount structure acknowledges the practicality of unified management across different assets while making it cost-effective for users requiring extensive coverage. It's worth noting that such capacity may potentially involve intricate setup processes and privacy considerations, depending on the usage context: 1. Multiple Installations: Each target device requires physical access for installation unless remote deployment is supported by both the app and device configuration. 2. Configuration: Individual settings can be adjusted per device based on monitoring preferences or requirements specific to that particular asset (e.g., location tracking intensity or text message logging). 3. Data Management: The aggregated data streams have advanced sorting options in order to manage acquired information effectively without confusing cross-device reports. 4. Legal Compliance: When deploying monitoring software on numerous devices—especially if some belong to other people—compliance with local laws and obtaining necessary consents is imperative so as not breach any privacy laws or ethical boundaries. In summary, while technically feasible and supported through cost-saving measures like discounts on multi-device plans, effective management of multiple tracked Android devices via one Spapp Monitoring account demands careful consideration regarding initial setup complexities, tailored configuration settings per asset type/location/person being monitored and unwavering adherence to legal obligations pertaining privacy rights of all concerned parties involved in using such surveillance technology platforms.


Does this version of Spapp Monitor require physical access to the target device during installation?


Yes, physical access is needed in order to download and install the app onto the target device.


Can Spapp Monitoring track WhatsApp activity?


Yes, Spapp Monitoring can track WhatsApp activity on the target device.