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Track by phone number is the ultimate thing when it comes to tracking apps such as Spapp Monitoring. Keep reading if you want to know all about tracking by phone number.

How the track by phone number works using Spapp Monitoring

Spapp Monitoring is working as many other apps to track by phone number. Here it is how exactly:

Go to Spapp Monitoring - Phone tracker by number. You can create your account here or you can login if you have an account. Complete your billing info. Pay for a month subscription using a promo of just 15$ per month.

1. You can now use the invite button from your account when logged in. You'll see straight the invite message that you must copy and send to the device you want to track (target device) as SMS message or on an app such as Whatsapp (or any other messaging app from the device you want to monitor).
In case you don't have yet an account first you'll create one by using the Promo page. YES, we have a promo offer of 25% for a 1 month full subscription NOW. Just tap on the PROMO button from our website.

NOTE: The promo offer is valid for all users, new and old as you have the option to Login (for old users) or to Register (for new users). The promo subscription is not assigned by default to a device, you are the one who must do it using the assign button and selecting your wanted device.

2. You can send the invite message also from a device you install the app on, either your own in case you want to test the app on it or just backup your own data, either another target device (we remind you that you can add as many devices as you want on your account).
The invite message can be sent during the first install or later when you restart the app (dial #12345678# and tap on call -> accept the screen permission -> accept-next -> now you'll see the Invite button if all other settings were enabled already.) To use the invite button from a device, please make sure to have at least version 16.8 of our app. You have the exact install guide of the main app in the next chapter of this article.

3. The number you want to track will receive your invite message with the invite app link on Whatsapp, or whatever you choose to share the invite on, and the phone user of the target device can install the app on it himself.
NOTE: The invite app is slightly different, no login details shared and simplified install steps. You'll have all the details in the Install guide of invite app chapter so, again, keep reading.

Install guide of the main app for track by phone number option

You practically have to do the same steps as before with an extra button and a few extra steps to send the invite link to the phone number you want to track. As you will see first 10 steps are exactly as earlier versions, the difference will be starting step 11. In case the app is installed already, just restart it by dialing #12345678# and tap on call. After the accept-next button you'll see the Invite button. Practically steps from 11 of the next step-by-step guide:

1. Go to Spapp Monitoring website from your device's browser and scroll a bit down to see the Download icon (a cloud with a an arrow oriented down) and tap on it. Now tap on the blue square icon to download the app.

2. Check all the check boxes but make sure you read all this information before going further, including our Terms of service. Now tap on Download. Confirm to download the file in case you are asked and tap on the notification saying file was downloaded.

3. Now select Install -> tap on Open

4. On upper Android versions (10 and upper) you'll receive the "Start recording or casting with Backup" notification. Make sure to select Start now as this is the screen permission and it is important for screen capture.

5. Now allow all permissions one by one, make sure to select While using the app or Allow where possible. There are 10 permissions in total and at the end is the "Let app always run in background".

6. Tap on Accept-Next. On Android 12 you'll need to confirm it, as well as the location permissions to Keep "While the app is in use". Practically on Android 12 devices you'll tap the Accept-Next button 3 times until it will go further to the next step.

7. Now select to Activate this device admin app. Admin rights are ON.

8. Now tap on Notifications settings button -> find Backup/Spapp Monitoring app and select it -> switch ON Allow notification access -> confirm it by tapping on Allow. Notification access is on and you are back to app's menu.

9. Tap on Accessibility settings button -> find Spapp Monitoring/Backup app and select it -> switch ON Use Spapp Monitoring/Backup -> confirm it by tapping on Allow. Accessibility access is on and you are again back to app's menu.

10. Tap on App notifications button -> switch OFF All Backup notifications. That means app's processes are ON in background and foreground but you take off its notifications from the notification bar. You'll be redirected again back to the app's menu.

11. This is the steps when you see something different based on earlier versions - the Send an invitation button. Tap on it. You have more options to send the invitation to the phone you want to track. Let's say you select Whatsapp and your contact. You'll see the sent invite message before sending it. Now tap on the arrow to send the message. You must go 2 steps back using the Back button of your device to be again in the app's menu.

12. Now you exit the app's menu and finish the install or tap on Check warnings button and enable the App usage there (select it -> find Backup app and make sure to switch ON). You can enable it before sending the invite as well. When you'll select to go Back you'll see again the screen permission, make sure to enable it EACH time you see it and tap on Exit.
Immediately after the install you MUST disable the inbuilt task killers as these steps will help the app to work smoothly and on some device models are important for some logs, especially recordings.

Install guide of the invite app (tracked device) for track by phone number option

You've sent the invite to the phone you want to track so now using the download link it is easily to install the app, even by the phone user. Here it is step-by-step:

1. Check the install invite message you just received and tap on the link. There is a code that you'll need later. You'll be redirected to our website to download it. From the invite app our website is seen simplified.

2. Check both check boxes and tap on Download -> After the apk file is downloaded you'll receive a notification so tap to open it.

3. Tap on Install -> tap on Open

4. You'll receive the same screen permission, select Start now. Now each of the app's permissions will appear one by one and all must be allowed by selecting While using the app or Allow, depending on the permission.

5. Tap on Accept-Next -> select Ok to confirm -> select Allow for this last permission and tap again on Accept-Next button. Confirm again by tapping on Ok and tap the third time on Accept-next button. Usually this is specific for Android 12 devices. On lower devices permissions access is not asked repeatedly to confirm but you got the point. Now all permissions are ON and you are redirected to next app's menu page.

6. Here you are asked to introduce the invite code that you received int he invite message. Exit the app screen and enter Whatsapp or wherever you received the invite message and copy-paste it here (use the recent open apps to do it, much easier). Check the Terms of service box (make sure to read it before doing it) and tap on Login.

7. Tap on Save to save the device.

8. Select Activate this device admin app to enable admin rights.

9. Tap on Notifications settings -> find Backup and select it -> switch ON Allow notification access and confirm it by tapping on Allow.

10. Tap on Accessibility settings -> Find and select Backup -> switch ON Use Backup and confirm your selection by tapping on Allow.

11. Tap on App notifications -> switch OFF All Backup notifications.

12. Tap on Storage settings -> find and select Backup and switch on Allow access to manage all files. This step is for the File manager feature (remote access to files from the target device).

13. If you want to have the app usage, tap on Check warnings -> tap on App usage settings -> select Backup -> switch ON Permit usage access. You can enable it later as well.

14. Tap on Back button and enable again the screen permissions as you need to enable this permission each time it appears. Now select Exit.

15. If the app icon remains on the phone's screen press on the app's icon and move on the left upper corner where the word "Remove" will appear. Do NOT take the finger off. When you are on the Remove word take off your finger and the app will be removed from the home screen.

16. Now you must disable the inbuilt task killers as these are important. Normally we recommend to do these steps immediately after the install or even during the install process.

Got some questions? Feel free to contact our technical support by opening a ticket from your account when logged in OR write an email to [email protected] (please use only one option to receive your answer as soon as possible).

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