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Why you need a Tinder Tracker

Tinder is an American online dating application. Users must swipe to like or to dislike other profiles. Once two users have matched (both users liked eachother's profile), they can exchange messages.

Tinder launched in 2012 and it is developed by Tinder Inc. Tinder has over 100,000,000+ on Google Play. According to Tinder there are 43 billion matches to date. There are 57 million Tinder users around the world. 5.9 million Tinder users pay for the Tinder subscription. Tinder is used in 190 countries

As of June 2015, 62% of Tinder users were male and 38% were female. It is believed that apps like Tinder give people the impression that there are millions of potential mates, especially if you are living in a big city. Tinder will search for potential mates based on a search radius. This impression can affect men's psychology and the whole mating system tends to shift towards short-term dating. The term hook up is used. Many people use Tinder for a one night stand. The appearance of an abundance of potential partners causes online daters to be less likely to ever choose a partner. Even if some people choose a partner they are likely to be less satisfied with their choice. This is why in many cases people continue to search for partners on Tinder, even if they are in a relationship. This is one of the reasons why dating apps are used by many paid users.

Because Tinder is a dangerous app to use, we recommend that you use a Tinder tracker app such as Spapp Monitoring. It can be useful to know of your child uses Tinder and what messages she or he, receives or sends. You are only allowed to use Spapp Monitoring in a legal way - you must inform the person that you are monitoring, that their activity is tracked. Tinder monitoring is available for Android phones even without ROOT. When it comes to text messages tracking, Tinder tracking is an important feature to have but Spapp Monitoring offers many more features : Whatsapp Spy, Facebook Spy, Snapchat Spy or Viber Spy.

Quick Spy App for Mobile Phone set-up guide for Tinder monitoring and more

SPAPP Monitoring has a very easy setup. Download the Android app from this page - download Spapp Monitoring . Download the app, install the app and open the app. Then you have to register your account. After registering your account and adding the phone to your account, the app will ask you to allow notification and accessibility access. For Tinder monitoring it is important to allow notification and accessibility access. Notification access is need to get incoming Tinder messages without Root. Accessibility access is need to get outgoing Tinder messages without Root. You now have a full Tinder tracking solution.

Once the app is installed, you will have to make sure that the app in not killed by an inbuilt task killer. This is how to do this:
3. Choose your target phone from here and follow the steps. Remember to follow the steps for your Android version specific if is the case.
If you don't know the Android version, just open a ticket to the technical support and we'll help you.
If your target device model is not in the list, please follow steps from II. Disable Doze battery optimization
4. Please activate the notification for Spapp Monitoring.
If the process of Spapp Monitoring is killed, you will not be able to track messages from Tinder.

Tinder is a registered trademark of MATCH GROUP, LLC. To download Tinder you can go to the Tinder's Google Play page.

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