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If you want to spy without target phone then Spapp Monitoring - Phone Tracker by number is the best solution you can have. In this guide we'll tell you all about spy without target mobile and all about how to spy without them knowing.

How to spy without target phone with Spy App for Mobile Phone

Spapp Monitoring - Phone Tracker by number is now available to spy without target cell phone. Yes, you've read that correct.
To spy without target mobile you can use the invite link to the target device. You still need a target in order to track its activity but your child can install it himself. So practically you spy without target phone direct access. You have 2 options to sue this option to spy without target mobile:

1.You use the invite button from our website when you are logged in. If you don't have an account yet, just create one easily by going to the Promo page. There you have the option to register in case you are a new user. You can use the limited promo offer with 25% discount for a 1 month full subscription.

2. You use the invite button from another target device. You either install the app on another device now (yours or another target, it is up to you) and during the install almost at the end you'll see the invite button, either can restart (dial #12345678# and tap on call -> you are in the app's menu and after a couple of other pages you'll see the invite button) our app on an added device already to send the invite to the new wanted one so you'll be able to spy without target phone direct access on the new device.

NOTE: You must have at least version 16.8 of our app to have the invite button when you restart the app.

When you use the invite button on either options (website or a device), you'll see the generated invite message and the install code. You'll send it by SMS or on a chat app such as Whatsapp and your kid will install it. After it you can spy without target phone being in your hands. br />br /> NOTE: If your kid doesn't do the install, you'll need physical access to it to do the install yourself. We remind you that Spapp Monitoring is intended for legal uses so please be responsible and use it legally.

You can see step-by-step install guides for the invite app and the main app, as well as the invite option from our website, with printscreens in the Track by phone number article.

All you need to know when thinking to spy without them knowing

Many think of tracking apps as some sneaky hidden apps or even being some kind of spy agent solution and that's not how it works at all in real life.

It is almost impossible to spy without them knowing and by "them" we mean the target device's user. Any installed app is detectable. Even if you install it as a system app you still can identify it somehow. When you install an app as a supposedly hidden one you most likely hope that the phone user will not notice or will think it is doing something else. All the promises you see on internet of hidden apps are nothing more than a marketing trick. In other words, you can not really spy without them knowing it if you do not dis-consider your phone user's intelligence, attention and trust in you.

In conclusion

You can spy without target phone direct access as the phone user can install the app himself. However, if it is not happening you are the one who will need to do the install.

NOTE: You may still need physical access tot he target device for reinstall, app upgrade and/or troubleshooting steps to be done on target device.

You can not spy without them knowing it. You can hope to spy without them knowing, to be more exact, you can hope they will not notice it or will think it is something else but you still do something illegal.

NOTE: Spapp Monitoring is intended for legal uses - to monitor your child activity or for employee monitoring. In case the target device user is an adult, you may need written permissions from him/her. Spapp Monitoring is not invisible or undetectable. You can take off the icon from the notifications bar and/or home screen but it will still be available in apps menu and other phone's settings. Please use it legally and responsible. Here are our Terms of service.

If you still have some questions on how to spy without target mobile please contact us on [email protected] NOTE: Our reply time is 24 hours. Please do not write same question multiple times to receive your answer as soon as possible. If you open a ticket, there is no need to use the contact form as well, one contact option is enough.

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