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Spapp Monitoring v9 - additional protection of your data

Spapp Monitoring v9 - additional protection of your data

Each of us hopes to have a happy day without unpleasant events. However some of our users report that their phone was lost or stolen. Using the SMS commands (like restart the GPS, record surroundings, take a picture) introduced starting with v7 of our application many of them succeed in regaining possession of their Android smart phones! There are also cases in which the phone was not able to be recovered (due to lack of internet connection / could not determine the GPS coordinates) and this way were born some new requirements: delete the data from the device or try to locate the monitored smart phone without an internet connection.

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Why is Spapp Monitoring v9 better than the old ones?

1. Well, besides the well-known SMS commands (restart the Internet connection, record the surroundings, restart the GPS receiver or take a picture with front or back camera) our team has introduced new ones:

- Reset the phone to factory default setting

More than likely you store important data on your own cell phone considering that it is inconceivable to live without it. If the smart phone can’t be recovered then try to wipe the data! This way using an SMS you will be able to reset the cell to factory default setting and all pictures, application, documents and videos stored on the internal memory will be permanently deleted! Watch here a video tutorial

- Set an Unlock screen PIN code

Perhaps the situation is not so dramatic and the phone can be found. Then make sure that no one will have access to the content stored on it and block the screen with a PIN code.

- Start the alarm clock

The alarm clock will start loud if you will send the associated command. So you'll be able to figure out if the device was forgotten in another room or in another place.

- Change the ring profile

Is the phone set on silent? Just send an SMS command and the ring profile will be changed to genera or vibrate!

The table with all SMS commands is available on the Live control section of your account.

2. For all these new commands the internet connection is no longer mandatory. How do the new SMS commands work? Very simple! All you need to do is to:

- Make sure that you will enable the Device administrator rights feature right after installing Spapp Monitoring v9 on the device on which you want to monitor. This way our application will be able to gain control over the phone (especially when it needs to wipe the device).

- Set a unique unblock password from your Account > Phone Settings. Now the application will use this PIN code instead of the default one when you will send the SMS command to lock the device

- Enable the Remote wipe feature. In order not to cause unpleasant incidents this feature is disabled by default. You must activate it from the Account section > Phone Settings.

Using Spapp Monitoring v9 you will be able to recover or protect the cell even if it doesn’t have internet access!

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Does Spapp Monitoring v9 work in hidden mode?


Yes, their app runs in hidden mode without any visible icons or traces on the target device. It cannot be detected by antivirus software.


What happens if the target device is turned off or out of battery?


Their app will continue monitoring once the device is turned back on or recharged. However, there may be a delay in uploading monitored data until the device has internet connectivity again.


Is there a risk of my monitored data being leaked to third parties?


No, they have strict security protocols in place to prevent any unauthorized access to their servers and users' data.


Is there a risk of the target device being infected with viruses or malware when using Spapp Monitoring v9?


No, their app is secure and does not pose any threat to the target device's security as long as it is downloaded from their official website.


Can I use Spapp Monitoring v9 for parental control purposes?


While their app was not specifically designed for parental control, it can be used as an additional tool for monitoring children's online activities. They recommend discussing its use with your child beforehand.


How does Spapp Monitoring v9 handle software updates on the target device?


Their app automatically updates itself on the target device when a new version is released. This ensures that you always have access to the latest features and protection.


Is there a risk of getting caught while using Spapp Monitoring v9?


Their app has been designed to operate discreetly without raising any suspicion. However, they recommend using their app ethically and within legal boundaries to avoid any potential risks.


Can I uninstall Spapp Monitoring v9 from the target device remotely?


No, for security reasons, their app can only be uninstalled by physically accessing the target device.


Can I remotely control the target device using Spapp Monitoring v9?


No, their app is designed for monitoring purposes only. It does not have remote control capabilities as it would violate privacy laws and ethical considerations.


How can I install Spapp Monitoring v9 on the target device?


Installation instructions are provided upon purchase of their app. It involves downloading and installing the app on the target device, which takes only a few minutes.


Can I use Spapp Monitoring v9 without the knowledge of the device owner?


No, it is necessary to have consent from the device owner before installing and using Spapp Monitoring v9. This ensures compliance with privacy laws and ethical considerations.


What kind of data can be protected by Spapp Monitoring v9?


Spapp Monitoring v9 can protect various types of data, including text messages, call logs, GPS locations, photos, and social media activity.


How does Spapp Monitoring v9 protect my data?


Spapp Monitoring v9 uses advanced encryption methods to secure your data and prevent unauthorized access.