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When someone thinks about remotely bug mobile usually is seeing it as a special agent spying job or a hacker job. However, it is not such a spy's job to bug phone remotely. It's as easy as to install any app and we'll explain all about it.

All about how to bug phone remotely

Remotely bug mobile is actually to track a device. In movies you see a small gadget that is like a bug that is inserted in the gadget (smartphone or a normal phone). However, the world is evolving and you can track a mobile phone easily with an app. We have an app for anything, why not one for tracking. the most reliable on the market is Phone Monitoring. Not because you are on this website, but because:

1. It has a free 3 days trial with 3-5 recordings included. Not many such apps give free trial and especially to recordings;
2. It has an easy install with step-by-step guides;
3. It has a user-friendly website for app users to login and remotely access their logs;
4. Many logs, including call recordings, many social media app like Whatsapp spy, Facebook spy. Some even with recordings (Whatsapp call recording, Facebook call recording and Viber call recording).
The last added feature of Live streaming is taking bug phone remotely to the next level with live remote control such as Bug microphone remotely, Remotely access the camera and Live phone spy feed .
5. 24/7 technical support;
6. Flexible and affordable subscription offer with many discounts depending on subscription period and tracked devices.

How to remotely bug mobile with Phone Tracker

Spy App for Mobile Phone is easy to use so here is what to do:

1. Download and install the last version of Spapp Monitoring - 16.3.1;

Note:Please make sure to disable Play Protect, as well as Security Scan on Vivo devices, before downloading the Spapp Monitoring to avoid app blocking or undesired uninstall.

2. Immediately after the install disable the inbuilt task killers: Choose your model and follow the steps depending on your Android version if needed. If your model is missing then follow steps from II.

Note:On some models such as Xiaomi, Realme, Vivo and Oppo devices we strongly recommend to disable the inbuilt task killers during the install process. This will prevent app blocking fully or partially.

Now your bug phone remotely app is ready to use so you can remotely access camera or microphone or use any other feature from the long features list.

If it is still not clear how remotely bug mobile then please write us at [email protected] and we'll help you as soon as possible.

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