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The ultimate feature in tracking apps is Real time phone video. You practically can see and listen remotely around the device and check what the phone user is doing on the device. Sounds great, right? Keep reading.

How to use Phone Monitoring as a real-time Livestream app

Phone Tracker is a complete tracking app. It has probably the longest features list, from the basic GPS logs, SMS and MMS logs, browser activity to call recordings, Whatsapp call recording, surroundings, Real-time record surroundings with video streaming option and a full list of social media apps tracked (from the most popular apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram etc. to some niche apps like Discord and Tinder or some specific geographical markets apps like VK, KakaoTalk or WeChat). No matter your needs, Spy App for Mobile Phone is the right one for you.

Spapp Monitoring is easy to install and use as well no matter if smartphones have more and more task killers with each Android version. Here is how to set-up Spapp Monitoring as a Real-time Livestream app:

1. Download and install SPAPP Monitoring on the device you want the Real time phone video feature.

Note: It is important to have the last version of SPAPP Monitoring, so if you are an old client make sure to reinstall the app on your target device.

2. Make sure you disable the inbuilt task killers on your target device. You have a general article on how to disable the inbuilt task killers (follow steps for your model or from II). We also have some specific models guides. You can ask our technical support for more details.

3. Make a full subscription as you need the recordings options to be included.

4. Make sure your target device has internet access as Real-time video from phone is an internet command only, so internet is mandatory. You can use it on wifi internet or mobile internet - both are working.

5. Send the command from your account. You have 3 options there:
=> Real-time video from phone or video live streaming with front or back camera;
=> Real-time audio from phone or audio from the streaming features. It is included in any of the 3 options you choose (with or without video and/or screen capture);
=> Real-time record phone screen or screen capture.

All you need to know about Real-time Livestream app features

Real-time record surroundings works better if you send them from a Windows laptop/computer, Chrome, Firefox or Opera browser.
It works as well when sent from a smartphone but from some it can give errors as the browser app is customized by each manufacturer and also the Android. For example if you send the command from a Xiaomi device it will most likely not work even on Chrome.
Same is valid for some browsers. For example, on UC browser it is not working at all.
This is why we have this recommendations.

Real-time record phone screen is the most sensitive live control command and Android is managing it with more care. What does that means? in short, more restrictions. Practically because screen capture means you can see some sensitive data like bank details for example, you will need to have access more often to the device to renew the screen recording permission. Normally in 3-5 days it is disabled by default no matter what. To restart this permission you need to restart our app:
1. Dial #12345678# and tap on call;
2. Now you are asked to "start recording or casting with Backup" -> tap on "start now (valid each time you see this notification when you are in the app's interface) -> accept-next -> exit.
Note: This permissions is on upper Android version (starting 10 on most devices). On lower versions it is only during the install if you select to not show it anymore, but you still must restart the app to renew this permissions in the background.
3. Tap on Accept-next;
4. Tap on Exit.

Got some questions regarding our Real time phone video app? Please contact us on [email protected] and someone will assist you as soon as possible.

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