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KakaoTalk commonly referred to as KaTalk in South Korea, is a free mobile instant messaging app for smartphones developed by the Kakao Corporation. KakaoTalk is most used in South Korea where the app is used by 93% of smartphone owners. Worldwide, it is estimated that KakaoTalk has 54 million monthly active, of which 51 million are from South Korea.

Many of the KakaoTalk users are from Android. On South Korea most phones are Android phones, Samsung being the main manufacturer. It is estimated that in South Korea about 75% of all phones use Android. Only about 25% use iOS. KakaoTalk has over 100,000,000+ installs on Google Play.

Because Spapp Monitoring has clients from South Korea, we wanted to add KakaoTalk tracking to our feature list. KakaoTalk spy is an important feature to have even if you are not from South Korea. KakaoTalk has a lot of monthly active users even in places like USA or Europe, not just South Korea. Spapp Monitoring comes with KakaoTalk spy for Android even without Root. We target in special Android tracking, so since most KakaoTalk users are on Android, it made sense for us to track the KakaoTalk messages. You can use Spapp Monitoring in general for parental control or employee monitoring but remember that you must inform the person that you are tracking. You need their consent for monitoring their phone.

When it comes to text messages monitoring, KakaoTalk tracking is an important feature to have but Spapp Monitoring offers many more features : Whatsapp Spy, Facebook Spy, Snapchat Spy, Instagram Spy or Viber Spy.

Quick Spy App for Mobile Phone set-up guide for KakaoTalk monitoring and more

SPAPP Monitoring is very easy to setup and get going. Download SPAPP Monitoring - download Spapp Monitoring . Open the app after you install it. Then you have to register your account by entering an email and a password. After registering your account, the app will ask you to allow notification and accessibility access. For KakaoTalk spy it is important to allow notification and accessibility access - this is an easy step. Notification access is need to get incoming KakaoTalk messages without Root. Accessibility access is need to get outgoing KakaoTalk messages without Root. You now have a full KakaoTalk tracking solution for instant messages.

KakaoTalk is a registered trademark of the Kakao Corporation. To download KakaoTalk you can go to the KakaoTalk's Google Play page.

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