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Once a picture is online, there is no way you can track it 100% so sometimes it is better to not publish it. However, when it comes to kids you never know what is in their mind and what they could share with others. On the other side, when it comes to employee it is better to control then regret and ask on a daily basis. Picture monitoring apps are wanted tools for parents and employers equally. A picture can say many things and monitoring one's smartphone activity must include picture monitoring by default.

How to use Phone Tracker as a picture monitoring tool

Picture monitoring include more features from Spy App for Mobile Phone not just one as in the case of other wanted features:
1. Picture monitoring of your front camera;
2. Picture monitoring of your back camera;
3. Live control commands for front camera and back camera using SMS messages and internet commands;
4. All received pictures from social app such as WhatsApp, Facebook and many more;
5. All saved pictures from internet (browser or a social app).

All picture monitoring logs are stored in pic logs. However, the name of the specific picture file will have the location of it.

The bad news some picture monitoring feature are blocked on some Android version such as most device with Android 10 don't process the live control commands (both SMS and internet) for front and back camera. Unfortunately this is a limitation and there is nothing to do about it. However, on lower Android version we strongly recommend to send the picture monitoring commands multiple times as such processes need more resources and sometimes the device just don't have them free for pic commands. For example, if the target device is in a video call on WhatsApp or any other social app then the camera is busy in this process and when sending the pic command it will not be processed.

The good news is there are no limitations when it comes of picture number for Spy App. However, due to inbuilt task killers (and of course the installed ones such as anti-viruses, anti-spyware apps) we strongly recommend to perform the next 2 steps after the install:
1. Enable notification for our app, Spapp Monitoring;
2. Make sure SPAPP Monitoring activity is not interrupted - select your model from the list and follow all the steps for it. If missing from the list, then follow steps from II. Disable Doze Battery Optimization.

Another good news is Spapp Monitoring is more than just a picture monitoring app. It has many other interesting and useful features and you can test it for FREE on your specific target phone.

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