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How to enable full push notifications access for social media apps incoming messages

In this article I'll show you how to enable push notification access for SPAPP Monitoring and some tips regarding full notification access on an Android 10 device.
Let's get started!

How to enable push notifications access for SPAPP Monitoring

Normally you give notifications access during the install process for Android 10 devices. If you just skipped it you still can give notification access to SPAPP Monitoring after the install. The biggest difference is up to Android 9 you had 2 options for notifications access. On Android 10 you have only the SPAPP Monitoring interface option. To do this you must:
1. Open the app (dial #12345678# and tap on call);
2. Select Start now on the recordings warning. Now you are on SPAPP Monitoring interface;
3. Select Accept-Next;
4. Next page is regarding notifications. Select Notification settings and switch ON for Backup. Confirm it by tapping on Allow.

Note: If you did not enable notification access then probably you did not enable Accessibility access as this is the next step. tap on Accessibility settings. Find and select SPAPP Monitoring and switch ON. Confirm by tapping on Allow.

5. Now tap on Exit.

Notifications access is ON for SPAPP Monitoring (as well as Accessibility access). Normally SPAPP Monitoring will receive social media messages immediately you enable it.

How to enable push notifications for a specific app

Let's say you did check it and notification access is ON (if you open the app and the Notifications settings doesn't appear then this is enabled) but you still don't receive the incoming messages for a specific app. Let's take Messenger from Facebook.
In this case you must check if push notifications for Messenger are ON. Here is how:
1. Go to device's Settings.
2. Select Apps & notifications.
3. Tap on See all 78 apps in my case, in your case it could be more or less.
4. Scroll down and find Messenger (do NOT mix up with Messages as this is regarding SMS messages). Select it.
5. Tap on Notifications and switch it ON.

Now some tips to make sure you see the full incoming message received on Messenger (or any other social app)

Down you have other options. As many options are enabled as more information you'll see.
Switch ON again Show notifications (the next one). Now make sure you see the full incoming message:
1. Switch on for Chats and calls and tap on it.
2. Tap on Advanced and select Lock screen.
3. Make sure to select Show all notification content otherwise you'll not see full incoming messages.

Now enable Group chat mentions. You need again to make sure you see the full incoming message:
1. Tap on Group chat mentions.
2. Tap on Advanced and select Lock screen.
3. Again make sure to select Show all notification content.

The next part is Activity indicator.
SPAPP Monitoring - Spy App for Mobile Phone will see when a call or video call was made. If this part is disabled then you may not see this information so make sure to enable such notifications as well.

By default notifications are enabled for chat apps, but the user may disable it for a specific app or change the configuration (to not see the notification content/message). In that case you need to check and change it.

Last but not the list

In case you did enable notifications access for SPAPP Monitoring - Phone Monitoring and for the specific social app and you still don't see any incoming messages, you may miss them because of the inbuilt task killers. We have an article on How to make sure SPAPP Monitoring activity is not interrupted. You can select your device's model or if missing follow steps from II.
The first steps are on how to enable SPAPP Monitoring notification. (Attention: This is not the same thing as push notifications access). We recommend to enable notification for SPAPP Monitoring - Phone Tracker during the install. By enabling the notification you make the app to work in foreground. The battery steps, on the other side, help SPAPP Monitoring - Spy App to work without interruptions in background and to NOT be blocked (fully or some processes).

If you have an older SPAPP Monitoring version you may need to reinstall the app as each app version have improvements for social apps messages especially.

If you have any questions regarding incoming social media apps messages or other SPAPP Monitoring - Spy App for Android related please contact us on [email protected]