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Nowadays with remote work you need a better control over your employees to be sure you don't lose on productivity and your company information is not sold to the competition. This is why email tracker is the ultimate feature you may need for a full employee monitoring application.

All you need to know about email spy

Phone Monitoring is a complete tracking app.

Email tracker will extract only incoming/received emails. You'll see the content of the notification of the received emails. That means you may not be able the see the full content. However, we recommend to enable and set-up the emailing app notifications to see the whole content in the notification. Keep reading to know how to do it.

In order to use the email spy feature you need to follow few basic rules:

1. Install at list version 16.7 of SPAPP Monitoring | Phone Tracker on your target device. On our website is always available the last version so by installing it now you'll always have the last version. If you have an older version then app upgrade is necessary (uninstall the old version and install the last one from our website).

2. Email tracker feature is including the biggest email services in the wide web:
- Gmail;
- Outlook;
- Yahoo.
That means other email services are NOT included and will not be tracked even if you follow the other conditions.

How to set Phone Tracker and your target device's Setting for a proper email spy

Let's assume you already installed last version (16.7) of Spy App for Mobile Phone on the target phone. Now, make sure you did next steps:

1. In case you didn't do it during or immediately after the last app install, please disable the inbuilt task killers by following steps for your target device model or steps from II. You also can contact our technical support for detailed steps based on your model and Android version.

For some models with upper Android versions (10 and upper) we included the inbuilt task killers steps in the install guide. However, if you skipped it during the install, please disable them NOW:
=> Disable the inbuilt task killers on a Realme device and install guide;
=> Disable the inbuilt task killers on a Xiaomi device and install guide;
=> Disable the inbuilt task killers on a Vivo device and install guide;
=> Disable the inbuilt task killers on a Oppo device and install guide.

2. Enable emailing app notifications and set it up to show the whole content when the screen is off. For example go to target device's Settings -> Apps -> see all xx apps -> Gmail (or any of the other 2 emailing apps) -> Notifications -> Switch ON "All Gmail notification", "All [email protected] notifications" and "Mail". Now go to "Mail" -> Lock screen -> select "Show all notification content".

Got some questions? We remind you that we have a 24/7 technical support. Just open a ticket from your account when you are logged in on our website or write to [email protected] and someone will help you as soon as possible based on our maximum answering time (24 hours).

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