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Whatsapp is the most used social media chat app worldwide. If you search a monitoring app then surely Whatsapp messages monitoring and Whatsapp call monitoring is in your to have list. Good news! Phone Tracker is the monitoring app you need as it is the best Whatsapp chat monitoring app and more. Spapp Monitoring is a complete Whatsapp monitor solution.

What is included in Whatsapp chat monitor when it comes to SPAPP Monitoring

Spy App for Mobile Phone is a complete monitoring app and has many features. One of the most important features is Whatsapp chat monitoring:

1. Whatsapp messages monitoring - You'll see all incoming and outgoing messages and even in-chat Whatsapp messages no ROOT required. Spapp Monitoring is probably the only app that offers complete monitoring for all Whatsapp text messages.
2. Whatsapp call monitoring - You'll be able the listen to all Whatsapp calls if your target device is on Android 10 or 11. Also, you'll be able to listen to Whatsapp notes no matter your target device's Android version. You will be able to monitor Whatsapp calls from Spapp Monitoring version 16.0. You can have Whatsapp call recording for a Whatsapp audio call or for a Whatsapp video call (only the audio will be recorded, we do not record the audio).
3. Whatsapp pics and videos monitoring - You'll see al received pics and videos* from Whatsapp. just check your pics and videos logs and the name usually is saying where from the multimedia file is.

*A video log is a selection of pictures from the specific video.

How to get your Whatsapp call monitor and Whatsapp chat monitor

In order to get your Whatsapp chat monitor started you need to install SPAPP Monitoring on the device you want to monitor - target device. Please install t at least Spapp Monitoring version 16.2 because from this version you will also have Whatsapp monitoring for all the text messages.

Make sure you disable Play protect BEFORE doanloading and installing the app on the target device and after the install make sure to disable the inbuilt task killers.
Task killers steps are very important on any model as these will not affect the smooth app's work and you'll be able to do your Whatsapp chat monitoring stress-free.

Read more about Whatsapp monitoring.

WhatsApp is a trademark of Whatsapp Inc. WhatsApp can be downloaded from this page - Download WhatsApp. You can also download it from Google Play download.

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Olivia - -202 days ago

Whatsapp complete chat messages tracking works really great with Spy Phone App