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Your parental control options

Your parental control options

As with deciding on buying any other gadget or technology device, making good decisions can be a little bit tricky. While getting a phone tracker application, what do you really consider: Name, brand, carrier? In today’s world, everything is literally about technology. This fact comes with numerous threats for your children in terms of cyber bullying, access to pornography, sexual misconduct among other things that are usually out of parental control-not anymore. Thank God for small favors-the new parental control application enables you to keep abreast with everything that your child does i.e. texting, emailing and even chatting on social media. This ensures that your child stays safe and monitored while using their devices.

As with any other application, it is important to first understand your user needs. Parents should also consider important factors such as affordability. Choose a surveillance application that you will be most comfortable subscribing to. If you choose to only restrict calls/texts; without necessarily keeping track of social and multimedia activities, these may come a little bit cheaper. However, the complete parental control apps tend to be a little bit costly. Most importantly, consider compatibility of the cell phone tracker application with your phone. There are so many kinds of applications, so do not get confused.

The top three mobile tracker applications to consider:

Spapp Monitoring

This cell phone application records the incoming and outgoing phone calls, sms and surroundings. It will be able to spy on GPS locations, the browser activity and messages from applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Skype and Line. Moreover it is one of the most affordable apps of this kind. It costs only 5 dollars for the basic subscription (SMS, MMS, Phone, Applications, GPS, Ring, Power, Browser, Pictures, Contacts, Calendar, Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype and Line logs) and 10 dollars if you want to have the basic subscription including call recording and surroundings. Also the app doesn’t interfere with other apps and is suitable if you want to take care of your children, to monitor your employees or to back up data from your smartphone.

Mobile Spy Software

Although this mobile spy does not record calls, it enables you to view and block all unwanted mobile applications and blocks specific services e.g. internet browsing from your control panel.

Stealth Genie

This application is no longer available. This Cell Spy tracker allowed viewing all downloaded applications, record calls and receiving instant alerts. It also defines trigger names/words that will send you a warning when detected in texts/emails.

At the end of the day, only a parent can decide on just how much ‘parental control’ their child needs. Call it what you may: invasion of privacy or lack of trust but we all know the saying, “Better safe than sorry.

Our Phone Monitoring software is a full parental control app. Here are some new features of Spapp Monitoring: Whatsapp Monitoring, How to Hack Whatsapp, Telegram tracking, Snapchat Monitoring, Instagram Monitoring, Facebook Monitoring, Spy camera app, Sms spy, Call recorder spy or Cell Phone Tapping.

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How can I limit my child's screen time using Spapp Monitoring?


With the app blocking feature of Spapp Monitoring, you can set specific times during which certain apps or games cannot be accessed by your child.


Can I monitor my child's phone without them knowing with Spapp Monitoring?


Yes, Spapp Monitoring works discreetly without any notification or icon on the target device.


Can I receive alerts if my child visits inappropriate websites?


Yes, you can set up alerts for specific keywords or websites and receive notifications if they are accessed on your child's device.


Can I set restrictions or limits on my child's phone usage with Spapp Monitoring?


Yes, you can set time limits for certain apps or block them altogether. You can also restrict access to certain websites and view their browsing history.


Is there a limit to how many devices I can monitor with Spapp Monitoring?


Spapp Monitoring offers robust functionality aimed at users who need to track and monitor multiple Android devices. While it is engineered for scalability, the system does have set parameters regarding how many devices one can monitor effectively within its terms of service and technical capability. In essence, though Spapp Monitoring does not explicitly state a 'hard limit' on the number of devices you can monitor under a single account, practical constraints may arise from both management complexity and discounted pricing structures. If you are managing more than one device using Spapp Monitoring, the service incentivizes this by providing scaled discounts that increase with each additional phone added to your monitoring network. This discount starts at 5% for each extra device monitored and caps at 50%, which kicks in when you're monitoring more than ten devices. When considering adding new devices to your account, the process involves installing the Spapp Monitoring app on each target device and then logging in with your central account credentials. Each addition would be seamlessly integrated into your dashboard where you can switch between monitored phones as needed. However, while there isn't an explicitly stated upper threshold by Spapp Monitoring itself on quantity, users must consider several factors: 1. **Practical Management:** As one adds more devices to their monitoring setup, the complexity of management increases exponentially; keeping track of numerous feeds might become cumbersome. 2. **Device Performance:** The capacity of each individual monitored device to maintain performance levels could decrease depending on resource usage caused by background operations related to tracking. 3. **Data Overload:** With too many sources of data being tracked concurrently—especially if they require detailed recording or capturing such as ambient listening or video streaming—the volume could become unwieldy for analysis. 4. **Legal Implications:** It's critical for users to understand local laws governing privacy and consent before deploying monitoring applications across multiple devices, especially without explicit permission from individuals being monitored. 5. **Network Usage:** Depending on your current internet plans either mobile or WiFi—monitoring a significant number of devices could consume substantial bandwidth affecting overall connectivity.


Can I access the app's data from any device?


Yes, you can log in to the secure online portal from any device with internet access to view the app's data.


How can I monitor my child's social media activity with Spapp Monitoring?


The app allows you to view all incoming and outgoing messages from popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.