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Xiaomi was founded in 2010 but it already holds 12% of the Chinese smartphone market. The company releases their gadgets in batches of about 200,000-300,000 and they are sold out almost immediately. If you or your loved ones have one of them, installing a Xiaomi spy app would be a very wise decision. It will help you keep your kids safe, track your phone if it’s stolen, backup important data, and might even help your relationship.

Benefits of Using a Xiaomi Tracker

• For parents.
As a parent, you can use a smartphone tracking app for monitoring your kids’ communications. The number of predators online is staggering and cyberbullying is a major issue as 6 out of 8 kids face it at some point. Monitoring your child’s communications is one of the best ways to protect them. A top-quality app will be able to not only track messages and record conversations. It will also have a GPS tracker and a feature to block dangerous websites.

• For you.
Installing a Xiaomi tracker on your own smartphone is also a great idea. This program uploads copies of all your messages, recorded calls, and pictures you take with the gadget’s camera. Therefore, it’s a perfect solution for automatic information backup. Premier trackers, like Spapp Monitoring also allow you to wipe out or block the gadget remotely. This will definitely help if the device is stolen or lost.

• For spouses.
If you and your significant other are struggling with establishing trust, installing a Xiaomi spy on both of your smartphones can be a solution. It’s a way to prove that you have nothing to hide from each other.

• For business owners.
If you provide your employees with company-owned smartphones, installing a Xiaomi tracker on them is a must. Not only will this program keep you updated on the employee’s location and back up important data. It will allow you to find out whether the employee is really using the smartphone for work instead of play.

How to Use Spapp Monitoring as a Xiaomi Tracker

One of the main advantages of Spapp Monitoring is that it’s very easy to use. You don’t need to have advanced computer skills to monitor smartphones with this program. You just need to download the application installation file onto the device and activate it.

Then, follow the installation instructions and set up a Spapp Monitoring account on the app’s website. This will activate the application and allow you to choose the tracking settings. You will need to access this account to see the logs uploaded by the app. You’ll be able to do this from any device connected to the Internet.

The only change of smartphone settings you’ll need to make in order to activate your Xiaomi spy is to enable the AutoStart feature. This is a special built-in feature of all Xiaomi devices and it allows apps to run in the background non-stop.

Spy App for Mobile Phone must stay active in the background at all times. Otherwise, it will be unable to collect and upload information at specified intervals. In order to activate this feature for your Xiaomi tracker, you must:

1. Tap the Security app icon.
2. Choose Permissions.
3. Tap AutoStart.
4. Turn on the toggle on Phone Tracker.

Once you do this, the application will be able to run without interference from the OS system. Please, bear in mind that a Xiaomi spy isn’t an ‘invisible’ program. You also must warn every person who uses the smartphone about installing it and get their permission. Check out the privacy laws in your state/country to find out how to go about using Phone Monitoring legally. Note that the application itself is 100% legal. It’s your responsibility to abide the laws of your state on how to use it.

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Xiaomi has some extra steps when installing Spy Phone App but it is well documented