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Tracking your employees with an Android app

Tracking your employees with an Android app

In the current work economy, efficiency and high productivity are quite pivotal. At the end of the day, every employer wants to have the best kind of people working around them. How easy would it be if you could keep an eye on everyone and everything? Well, it’s time to stop with the wishful thinking and take charge by adapting the Android tracking application to monitor all your employees. It is the Cell Spy app from above that helps any employer with checking job capabilities.

The Android tracking application generally lets you know all your employee whereabouts. The only catch is that your employees have to have smartphones as the application integrates with their phones or computers. It takes supervising to a whole new professional level. It saves time and money for any employer. It’s a quick one-touch start to a happy workplace.

How does it work though?

With the Android tracking application, your employee locations are continuously located once they clock-into the app. Thus the Android application will be able to show you where they are and what they are up to even when you are out of the office. Their time and location is often stored offline on the employee’s device. It basically syncs their data back in the office. The current mobile spy app also enables the employees to create a new timesheet and manually enter their work hours while in real-time. Once the employees clock out, their time sheet updates their time and location and automatically turns off.

An Android tracking application makes work easier for any employer in terms of employee tracking and this makes them easily review their payroll. The working timesheets can also be easily edited. The employers will be able to view everything as it happens no matter where they are because all the saved changes will still be synced. The Android tracking application also makes work easy for any supervisor as it tracks the employees working time and project time.

The Features:

Team tracking

It works and projects times for your employees on the go with just one phone.

Reports on the go

The Android tracking app let you analyze employee projects even when out of office.

Reflects time zones

The app enables you to track different time zones.

Automatic back up

You can count on no data loss even if you lose your phone because all your important work information is automatically backed up.


It communicates live with your server. Thus your times are up to date and you can easily synchronize them.

Regardless of your business size, this Android tracking app will keep everything on track. Once you get ‘a feel’ of it, you will find it real easy to understand while pinpointing the level of accuracy that you need. It basically takes time management to another level and basically generates invoices easily, runs detailed reports and even integrates with your payroll.

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Are there any additional features available with higher-priced subscription plans?


Yes, advanced features like remote microphone control and live camera streaming are only available with premium subscription plans at a higher cost.


How long does it take to install the app on an employee's device?


It takes approximately 5-10 minutes to install the app on an Android device.


Will my employees receive notifications when I am tracking them?


No, since it operates in stealth mode; there will be no notifications sent to your employees' devices when being monitored with spap monitoring


How secure is the data collected by Spapp Monitoring?


The data collected by Spapp Monitoring is encrypted and stored securely on their servers to ensure maximum protection and confidentiality.


Can I access the tracking information from any device?


Yes, you can access the tracking information from any internet-connected device through the Spapp Monitoring dashboard.


Can I track my employees' internet usage with this app?


Yes, you can monitor your employees' internet usage by viewing their browsing history and bookmarks through the app's dashboard.


Will my employees be able to delete their call logs or messages from their device?


No, even if an employee deletes their call logs or messages from their device, it will still be accessible through the Spapp Monitoring dashboard.


Is Spapp Monitoring compatible with all Android devices?


Yes, Spapp Monitoring is compatible with all Android devices running on versions 4.0 and above.


What types of information can I access with Spapp Monitoring?


With Spapp Monitoring, you can access call logs, text messages, browsing history, social media activity, and more from your employees' Android devices.


Is it legal to use a spy phone app like Spapp Monitoring to track my employees?


As long as you inform your employees that their work devices are being monitored, it is legal to use a spy phone app for employee tracking purposes.