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ZTE Grand X Max +

ZTE Grand X Max +

There’s far much phone to a phone than communication. ZTE is making a big push with this latest invention. Labeled by Amazon as the fastest growing mobile manufacturer in the US, ZTE is definitely looking to capitalize in the face of competition against other well-known brands. However, fourth place in the US smart phone market share charts doesn’t come easy. With a significant growth in the mobile market and the hot hardware that comes with the ZTE Grand X Max +, this phone won’t be in the shadows for much longer.

The maximum display (6.0” Gorilla Glass 3 display) represents a wide screen that is favorable for watching movies and plying games. From first glance, the ZTE Grand Max + resembles the original Grand X Max but once in use, it’s easy to associate with the solid user experience it offers. Although it has modest specifications, it has excellent performance. The phone possesses a sharp and responsive display with amazing viewing angles. The brightness of the display makes it easy to view even under sunlight.

The Grand X Max + runs on Android 4.4.4 KitKat and is packed with most of the applications found on Google Play store. Apart from that, it also comes with other third party apps e.g. Amazon Kindle and AccuWeather. Most ZTE handsets are not necessarily known for taking the best snapshots. However, the Grand X Max + rear front facing camera (13MP with88 degree wide-angle lens) is quite impressive. Unlike the original Grand X Max, it produces in-clear images with true-to-life colors. The equally amazing video quality generally makes it accurate. (1080p video) The phone’s camera is easily adjustable regardless of the lighting situation. It has three shooting modes that consist of:

• Auto mode- This is for informal slots (HDR shooting). It comes coupled with noise reduction features.
• Pro mode- The Pro mode consists of a horizon leveler, ISO and exposure levels.
• Fun mode- It lets a user shoot with paranomic and multi-layered effects.

The expandable MicroSD card slot (up to 32 GB) and lightweight design for a phablet makes the ZTE Grand X Max + stand out from the likes of King Huawei Ascend Mute 2. Apart from offering maximum speed, the processor (Snapdragon 200 processor) also provides smooth navigation, easier switching between applications and added benefits such as premium multi-channel audio.

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The Grand X Max + is a good affordable phone for a big screen handset. Unfortunately, the large size makes the phone not to fit easily into a user’s pocket. But, the phone size (6.06 ounces) does not bother everybody; it all just boils down to user preference. Also, it has a sluggish processor as compared to the likes of Nexus 6 and the iPhone 6 plus, this is a small price to pay for the amazing features that come with it. Amazing features such as the battery (3,200mAh) makes the ZTE Max + something to consider.

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Does Spapp Monitoring - spy phone app offer any other features that may be of use?


Yes! In addition to the usual monitoring tools, the app also provides users with additional tools such as an SMS scheduler which allows you to send out messages at pre-defined times of the day. It also comes with a fake call feature which simulates incoming calls from predetermined numbers.


Is there a way to check the activity reports stored by Spapp Monitoring - spy phone app?


Yes! Through its intuitive dashboard feature, users can access detailed information about their device's activity which includes call logs, SMS messages and even GPS location tracking. These reports can also be exported in different formats if necessary.


How often is the data collected by Spapp Monitoring - spy phone app updated?


The app collects data from your device in real-time, meaning that all changes or updates to the monitored information will be pushed immediately through to your dashboard.


Can I use Spapp Monitoring - spy phone app on multiple devices?


Yes! It's possible to monitor up to five different devices with a single account, making it great for parents or employers who need to track activity across multiple handsets.


Is there a cost associated with using Spapp Monitoring - spy phone app?


Yes, there is a fee associated with using the app. However, you can opt for either a one-time payment or monthly plan depending on your needs. Prices start at as low as $10 per month and can go up to $100 for an annual subscription.


What kind of security protection does Spapp Monitoring - spy phone app provide on the ZTE Grand X Max +?


With Spapp Monitoring - spy phone app installed on a ZTE Grand X Max+, parents or employers can be sure that their data will remain secure and private thanks to its advanced encryption technology. Additionally, all data collected from the device will be stored securely on servers owned by Spapp Monitoring - spy phone app itself.