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Moto X

Moto X

Lately, the Motorola Company has been in the down low. With the emergence of Samsung and HTC stellar smart phones, you’d think that the mobile phone market was not big enough to accommodate these phone titans but even without knowing, the infamous Motorola Company has come back with a bang. Their latest contribution to technology is through the New Moto X smart phone. Well, we required to give honest reviews here and are not allowed to play favorites but the truth is, the Moto X smart phone is nothing short of amazing. It’s everything in your phone wish-list combined. This might just be the kind of boost Motorola needs in order to make a comeback.

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With the top-most specifications, the vivid 5.2” HD display (AMOLED 1080p Full HD, 423ppi) leaves nothing to be desired. It gives the phone a great display for videos and photos while the curved metal frame makes it user friendly and easy to operate. The slick device comes with a water-resistant aluminum frame. Also, the Quad-core processor enhances the speed capability of the device (yes, device).

The New Moto X’s authenticity is without a doubt in the world amazing. It has so much to offer. The camera (13MP, 2.25 aperture) is the most amazing amongst the latest smart phone inventions. Even without touching the screen, as soon as you focus, the camera itself takes a variety of shots (4K UHD video capture/30fps). Your only job is to choose the best picture. The New Moto X also has an additional 2MP front camera.

The fact that this smart phone runs on the latest version of Android operating system (Android v4.4.4 KitKat) means that the New Moto X is among the fastest smart phones (Qualcomm processor) and is free from any software skins. Every New Moto X phone has a unique wood grain pattern. Users are spoilt for choice between many metal accents, colorful hues, real woods and leathers. The customizable laser-etched signature certainly makes the New Moto X a phone of unique proportions.

It comes with accessories such as the:
Moto Hint - This enables a user to get answers, notifications or calls through their voice by putting the Moto hint directly in their ear.
Turbo charger - This means 8hrs of battery life (2300Ah-Battery) and a 15-min quick charging in cases of emergency.
The Motorola power pack - This enables any user to carry a portable power back up either in their keychain or their pocket.

The New Moto X might be the most personalized mobile phone yet. It allows users to create their own voice prompts. This helps in asking questions, setting reminders and giving directions. Another cool aspect of the phone is that just waving your hand totally silences the alarm once it goes off. We’re telling you, this should be on everybody’s wish-list.

Granted, the mobile phone market is filled with great phones and devices. However, the New Moto X is different. It’s not only about the 32GB ROM, the dual band capable Wi-Fi or the 2GB RAM-it’s more than that. It gives any user the ability to choose and personify it. With over 525 colors to choose from and a variety of great covers and colors such as black and white to suit your personal style, trust us, you couldn’t go wrong.

There’s no single negative thing to say about it. The New Moto X is highly recommended.

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Did the Moto X's build quality and durability compare favorably to other smartphones in its category?


The Moto X's build quality, primarily composed of plastic, provided customization options but might have been considered less durable compared to devices with metal or glass constructions. Users had to be mindful of its physical durability.


What were the standout features that made the Moto X a unique smartphone in its time?


The Moto X garnered attention for its customization options, where users could choose design elements, including the phone's color and materials. This level of personalization set it apart in the smartphone market.