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LG G Watch 2

LG G Watch 2

Technology has definitely evolved from the digital watch of our younger years to today’s LG G watch 2 smart watches. This is the most innovative way to display time. After being one of Android wear’s basic promoters, LG decided to break the mould and venture out on its own to create the LG G Watch 2 smart watch. All you have to do is to allow yourself to be absorbed in its fantasy. This wild time masterpiece makes you look twice not only to check on time. With the small works of art that any smart watch encompasses, the LG G Watch 2 comes with Android technology that makes it an amazing conversation starter. It basically eliminates the need to reach for your smart phone every time.

The Pros

The LG G Watch 2 fills your life with unimaginable ease and convenience. Its sleek design makes it stand out among most smart watches (22mm, 0.86inch strap). The fact that it’s slim and light weight makes for an expert crafting that makes the LG G Watch 2 so comfortable to wear. The always-on display screen (1.65-inch LCD IPS and a resolution of 280 x 280, AMOLED display) lets you see anything you want at a glance.

Talk of dependability! The LG G Watch 2 battery (400m Ah battery) is quite long-lasting and dependable all day. It’s one of those smart watches that perpetually make you wonder how it works. The fact that it’s dust/water resistant is like icing on the cake. It also comes with a charging cradle, a travel adapter, USB cable and a Quick Start guide that will make any conversant with its ‘magic’ and very user friendly.

The cons

We wouldn’t pin-point anything negative about this smart watch apart from the fact that it’s only suitable for a smart phone running on Android 4.3 and higher. This means that if your phone’s Android is currently 2.0, you wouldn’t be able to purchase this mesmerizing work of time lest you make an upgrade.

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The LG G Watch 2 is definitely the watch from the future, no pun intended. When you wear one, you are definitely making a statement. It ensures that any user is checking their wrist more than once a day. It’s a mind-blowing phenomenon that offers information when you need it most. All you have to say is “Yes Google!

The LG G Watch 2 is a sequential one show time in a way that you’ve probably never seen before.

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