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The Fastest and Most Efficient Android Version to Date: Android Nougat

Android is a fantastic mobile OS, millions of people can attest to this. Its customizability, efficiency, and reliability attract users of all ages and from all walks of life. It’s also good to know that you can be confident that the system would keep improving with regular updates. Google is very serious about this and Android Nougat proves this point.

Unlike many previous Google mobile software updates, Nougat isn’t packed with extra features. It seems that the developers chose to focus on efficiency and stability with this particular update. The new notification displays definitely deserve recognition as does the increase of overall system speed.

The downside is that this OS is only available on a few devices. However, one can hope that this range would increase soon, so you just have to be a bit patient. The quality of Android Nougat shows that the waiting would definitely be worth it as this is a premier-grade system that is truly necessary for a top-of-the-line gadget of today. This kind of software allows you to push the capabilities of quality hardware to the fullest and enjoy exploiting your smartphone in a great number of ways. It can run numerous programs simultaneously and offers a high degree of stability, which means that this OS ensures your smartphone performs well no matter what.

Installing Spapp Monitoring on Android Nougat

Spapp Monitoring is a tracking application that works exceptionally well with all Android devices, so it’s only natural that it performs even better with this latest update. Due to the overall system efficiency, the program doesn’t strain it while collecting data in the background, so you won’t even notice that it’s running.

However, due to the fact that Google’s developers care for their customers very much, you’ll have to disable the Doze battery optimization in order to allow this type of background application to run undisturbed on Android Nougat.

You can do this by following these simple steps:

Click Menu -> Settings -> Battery -> three dots at the top-right corner -> Battery Optimization -> All Apps -> Backup App -> Don’t Optimize -> Done.

The process is very simple and this change in factory settings won’t interfere with the general workings of the system, so you don’t have to worry about its performance.

Despite the fact that Spapp Monitoring can run on Android Nougat with no problems, you must understand that installing tracking software on someone’s smartphone is a very serious issue. You should look into the privacy laws in your country to determine how to proceed about this. In most cases, you would have to warn the gadget’s owner and receive their permission. Sometimes it must be provided in writing, but mostly an oral permission is sufficient.

Spapp Monitoring can be used for monitoring your kids or keeping an eye on your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend. This program would definitely help you catch them in case they are cheating as people today mostly communicate through their smartphones. Spy App for Mobile Phone can keep track of all messages that go through the phone, including those exchanged through social media apps. It can also record the phone calls and track all types of system logs.

Android Nougat allows you to use the full-force of Phone Tracker, so you’ll be able to record ambient surroundings via a remove command and even have a measure of control over the gadget from a distance. These features would come in very handy in case someone steals your phone.

Phone Monitoring can also be used for backing up your data, ranging from conversations to pictures taken with the gadget’s camera. The program copies the information automatically and uploads it to the cloud frequently, so your data would be safe even if the phone itself is damaged.

Android is a registered trademark of GOOGLE LLC. For more info on Android 7 you can go to the Android 7 page.

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