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Moto 360 Smart watch

Moto 360 Smart watch

The Moto 360 smart watch represents a whole new generation of watches. It’s no surprise that everybody wants to get their hands on this. After all, wearing a great watch is a thing of great importance. It’s so much more than a smart watch; its accuracy, endurance and sturdiness all wrapped up in one. As other Android smart watches do, the Moto 360 also updates you from time to time and keeps you on track regardless of what you are doing. The most special thing about it has to be the amazing voice controls; it makes it very easy to access information from the smart watch.

The round design maximizes the display (1.56 inch blacklit LCD touch screen) (205ppi pixel density) in a way that the Samsung Gear S watch doesn’t. The chamfered glass-clad protective tab (corning Gorilla glass 3) protects the smart watch from scratches. The Moto 360 basically comes in a variety of styles such as leather (stone/ black), metal (light/dark), the slim band comes in champagne while the straps are available in leather or metal. Obviously, the smart watch is very stylish to suit everyone’s taste. The watches built-in pedometer and optical heart rate monitor make it somewhat very chic.

The Moto 360 is an amazing time-piece. It syncs easily with any smart phone running Android 4.3; that makes the Moto 360 such a diverse smart phone as it’s not only restricted to a particular phone brand. Sadly, the battery (320Ah li-on battery) might not last all day but it does come with a charging clock that you can use at night (wireless charging). Honesty, the automatic design appeals to anybody’s sense of owning the best things in life.

It’s highly rated for the wireless charging, convenient round design and affordability. Buying it creates only a little worthy dent in your pocket. However, even though it’s coupled with the latest technology inventions, the Moto 360 has a few downsides. Its inefficient processor may hinder its performance from time to time and has a few default phases. But…these little hitches are nothing to complain about.

Other cool things that you can do with the smart watch include installing a Moto connect application that lets you customize the watch even further. It’s also easy to adjust forward and backwards and has a 512MB RAM and an on-board storage. The Moto 360 offers its users with a Google Now experience like no other.

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For $249.99 for leather and 299.99 for the metal kind, the Moto 360 is definitely worth every penny. Such a worthy investment!

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