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Spy Phone App Device Administrator Rights

To ensure that our Spy Phone App will not be uninstalled by children or your employees, our team decided to implement a new feature: Device Administrator Rights.

But what does it mean?

By enabling this feature your children will not be able to Uninstall our Spy Phone App and can’t execute the "Force close" process if they don’t enter the password set by you during the registration process.

Is it mandatory to accept the Device Administrator Rights?

No, this feature is not mandatory. You can also deny this permission, test Spy Phone App and when you reopen the application you will be asked again. It's up to you to decide if you want more control over the device used by your child.

How to disable this function?

This is done very easily. Please perform the following 4 steps:
-Go to Phone menu
-Open Spy Phone App
-Select Disable Administrator rights
-In the new window enter the password set by you during the registration process

Voilà! The Administrator Rights for this application have been disabled. Now you can uninstall the application like any Android application.

This option is implemented only in the version available on Google Play.

Please note that for this feature we had to make a few changes. Starting from this moment our application available on Google Play will require Android Froyo 2.2 or newer versions.

We hope that this feature will be helpful for you! Now you can rest assured knowing that your child will not be able to uninstall our Spy Phone App without your consent.

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