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Spy Phone app changes to website

Spy Phone app changes to website

First of all, our team would like to thank you for your interest in our Spy Phone App. In order to support the users and to facilitate the access on we have made some changes and we have introduced new features.

What’s new:

New server:

Since we expanded our database and the number of users for Spy Phone App, we decided that it is time to improve our infrastructure. From this moment all the logs will be stored on a high-performance server, with a much better response time. You can access all functions available on the Spy Phone App regardless of the number of requests.

More languages:

At this point we have translated the main options and features in 6 new languages. In this way every user can clearly see the details relating to the phone and account settings, details about logs, payment and many others. In addition to English you can see the Spy Phone App (website and application) in Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Romanian. You can select your preferred language from the bottom of the site.

Support tickets:

We know how important is a competent help. To be much easier to monitor and manage your questions we have introduced a new feature: you can open a Support Ticket. To do this select the “Support” option from the left menu after you log on the Spy Phone app website with your email and password. Here you can see the pending support tickets, the titles, the date on which they were sent, the status and the details. After our support team will contact you back you can rest assured that you will not miss any response.

Phone and Sms statistics:

Also a new important feature is represented by the Phone and SMS statistics. Now you can see a top 10 of favorite numbers (the most dialed numbers). This statistics will be reset weekly so you can have an updated chart.

New logs:

We have reorganized the display mode for the logs. Now you can select the logs by category -Sms, Phone, Mms, Gps, Ring, Power, Browser, Pictures, Contacts, Calendar, Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber and Skype. We’ll be displaying the total number of records in each category but also the new records. The new records are calculated according to the last time when you were logged into your account. We recommend you to logout after each visit to our Spy Phone app website in order to see how many new logs you have on your account.

GPS feature:

Regarding the GPS, after you login into our website you will be able to see if the GPS position is determined by the GPS receiver or internet. In this way you can assess how accurate the GPS coordinates are.

Phone settings:

Now you will be able to set the time interval for sending data to the server to 15 mins. Also in the phone settings you will be able to change the time interval for the GPS logs to be sent to the server to 5 mins so you can have a more detailed route of the target phone.

“Disable ROOT” option

If the target phone doesn’t have Root access you can disable this option. In this way Spy Phone App will search only those messages that it will surely find. You will have an application with a better response time, without errors.

Skype, Viber and Calendar

We try to offer to our customers the most complete parental control solution for smartphones. We want to continuously improve Spy Phone App so we decided to extend the portfolio of applications that we track. Now with Spy Phone App you can also see the new events added on the calendar. You will be able to see the title of the event, the date on which was added, the description and the location. Also, if the target phone has Root access in addition to the messages from Facebook and WhatsApp you can monitor the messages from Skype and Viber.

News section:

In this section you can find articles regarding to the latest news about our Spy Phone App but also other general news. Do you want to learn something new or just want to get familiar with some terms? In this section you will learn how you can Root your smartphone, what are the advantages or disadvantages of this process and also here will find tutorials about how to perform different operations.

We thank you one more time that you are with our Spy Phone App team and we are waiting for suggestions and feedbacks on our email address.

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