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If you want to spy without access to the target device then you are on the right web page. Spapp Monitoring now has a new useful feature so you could spy without physical access. In this guide we will tell you all you need to know if you want to spy without access to the target device.

What you can see when you want to spy without physical access to the phone

Many say you can't spy without access to the target device. However, you can find many websites saying the total opposite. let's check what info you can see in second option. Most devices have parental control option inbuilt by Android so some basic information you can see only by using this option. Also, in some countries you can see live location only by knowing the phone number. Usually websites saying you can spy without physical access at all to the target device use these services.
However, when a parent is in search of a tracking app, he/she wants more. Most kids and teens between 8 and 16 years text frequently with their peers and romantic partners. According a 2018 study made by Hopelab, 93% of youth use social media daily. When you a parent of a pre-teen or teen kid you know exactly that daily means hundreds of times a day. Teenage is the period when we go wild, when we discover ourself and tend to experiment, so a bad influence can be dramatic for the whole life. A parental solution that tracks SMS messages, social media messages from many such apps as well as many other handy features for any and each parent is Phone Monitoring. A parent will use a parental control app when feels that something is shaky with his teenager so surely will want to spy without physical accessto the target device - aka kid's device.

How to spy without physical access to the phone

Phone Tracker is a full spy app with many useful features. To spy without access directly to the target device still requires app installation. However, we have a simplified invite app to use in such cases. You have 2 ways to do it:

1. You can send the invite message with the install link of the simplified app from our website. This solutions is useful also for new customers that don't have an account yet. Go to and find the Promo button and select it. There you have the option to register an account. introduce an email (a real one as you may need it in case you contact us) and set a password. You'll be redirected to buy a discounted subscription (yes, we have a 25% off from a 1 month full subscription for all our customers now - new and old) and the invite link. Copy it and send to your kid's phone.

2. If you are an old customer or you want to test and get to know the app first, install it on your device or any other device by having physical access to it and at the end of the install you'll see the Send invite button. Tap on it and select the communication channel to send it to your kid. If the app is already installed on a device, it must have at least version 16.8 to have the invite button and just restart the app by dialing #12345678# and tap on call -> accept-next -> now you'll see the Invite button so you can use.

In both cases the installation will be made by your kid - the phone user. the invite app is easy to install, no account credentials shown so your account is secured. You can see detailed each option on how to spy without access to the target device.

NOTE: In case your child is not installing the invite app, you MUST do it yourself. You also may need physical access to the target device after the first installation for troubleshooting steps done in target device's Settings if needed.

In case you have some questions on how to spy without physical access to the target device or anything else regarding Spy App for Mobile Phone, please feel free to contact us on [email protected] and someone will assist you as soon as possible.

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