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Spapp Monitoring v10.0 - More control over the social applications

Spapp Monitoring v10.0 - More control over the social applications

Is your child texting or interacting with other persons using social applications like SnapChat, Twitter or Hangouts? Then it’s time to download and install Spapp Monitoring v10.0. Maybe they are very popular among young people but do you know the hidden dangers behind them?

Say stop to sexting or to cyber bullying with Spapp Monitoring v10.0!

New features

#1 Track SnapChat messages with Spy on Snapchat

The SnapChat application is one of the most preferred application by the malicious people. Are you wondering why? Because the messages and pictures are stored for a limited period (maximum 10 seconds) and this way the data will be permanently lost. Considering this your teenagers might get in trouble if you will not use an adequate parental control solution. So it’s time to monitor the SnapChat messages from remotely using a social media tracker application like Spapp Monitoring v10.0.

#2 Track Twitter posts and private messages with Spy on Twitter

Tweet! Tweet! Tweet! Everybody becomes crazy when a new gossip or rumor was posted on Twitter. But what happens if erroneous information is interpreted by your child as being real? Yes, you’re perfectly right, your child may become a victim of a toxic content. Upgrade now your current Spapp Monitoring application and fully protect your kids from harmful posts.

#3 Track Hangouts messages with Spy on Hangouts

Some devices has the Hangouts application set as default messaging software. Of course, you want to keep an eye on what is your kid doing so the new version of our mobile tracker software will fulfill your requirements. Don’t miss any message and track the Hangouts texts using an affordable Android SMS tracker software.

It should be noted that you can spy on Snapchat messages , track Twitter messages and hack on Hangouts logs only if the monitored device has ROOT access.

#4 Track videos taken or watched

We have good news for the Spapp Monitoring users! From now on you can spy on videos. Our mobile spy application will capture some video frames from every video taken or watched using the video player and the content will be uploaded on your account. So it’s very easy to figure out if your child has watched movies with an inappropriate content for his age.

#5 Track a GPS route

A new SMS command for tracking a route has been introduced in the latest Spapp Monitoring version. Are your kids really on the way to school? Are you sure they're not hiding something? Well, all you need to do is to send an SMS command (the default one is #tracklocation) and our parental control solution will start to pick up some GPS coordinates and will create a route. Of course, you can use this feature even if the device has been stolen and you are trying to recover your Android smartphone.

Much has changed from Spapp Monitoring v10.0. Here are some new features of Spapp Monitoring: Instagram spy, Facebook spy or Spy camera spy. Please read these articles related to how to use our Spy App for Mobile Phone in order to track the messages and calls from Whatsapp: Whatsapp hack app, Whatsapp hacker app, Whatsapp spy, Whatsapp Tracker or Whatsapp hacking app. Tracking Whatsapp is one of our most requested feature since Whatsapp is the most used messaging app.

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