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Spapp Monitoring permissions

Spapp Monitoring permissions

When you install Spapp Monitoring the first step it to accept some permissions. These permissions seem to make your device vulnerable and execute strange things. In fact, these are permissions that you would normally accept when installing usual applications. In the next article we intend to explain the meaning and aplicability for each of them.

From the newer versions of our Phone Monitoring app, you will have to grant permissions at runtime. Please check some of the new features of our Spy App: Whatsapp Spy App, Phone Tapping, Spy camera app, Snapchat Spy, Whatsapp hack App, Call recorder spy, Instagram spy, Telegram Spy or Sms spy.

– Spapp Monitoring needs to read your phone`s call logs in order to get data about incoming and outgoing calls (like phone number, call duration). This way you can see with whom your children or girlfriend talked and for how long.

- If you're curious, you’ll definitely want to know the contents of every message that was sent or received. Whether we are talking about a text or multimedia message, our app will search for messages from the phone or Sim card.

- Your child has only one Sim card? With this permission you can see if there was another card inserted in the phone.

- We always like to go to other places more attractive than work or school. With this permission Spapp Monitoring can determine through the GPS receiver the precise location of the target device, so you can see where your child is. It is useful even when the phone was stolen. Also you will be able to stay away from jokes or feel safe from thieves.

- The Internet has both positive and negative sides. Our app can read (but not write) the history of all URLs that the default Browser has visited so you can keep your children away from harmful information.

- Your child went out in the club and saved a phone number with a boy's/ girl’s name? Something is suspicious, huh? Now, this way to hide no longer works. Spapp Monitoring tracks if a new contact is added to the phonebook.

- To be sure that you have an application that works at any time of day and night Spapp Monitoring will start whenever the phone is switched on or restarted. You'll never question if you started or not this application.

- You will realize the usefulness of the permissions especially when the phone was stolen. With this function you can see the IP address of the phone.

- The calendar is associated with a Google account. The first step is to identify this account to be able to offer you the data from calendar.

- Allows Spapp Monitoring to read the user's calendar so that you can know if a new event is added on it.

- All the data collected will be sent via Internet to our server. Without this feature, our application would be inoperable. Perhaps this is the most important permission.

- When you take a picture or you receive an MMS, this is saved in the phone. Our application reads these data in order to make them available to you.

- When Spapp Monitoring detects an activity on your phone, it will first save that SMS, Phone log, etc in a database in your phone. When it will have internet access it will send the logs from that database to the server where you can check them. You don’t need to worry, Spapp Monitoring doesn’t modify your files with absolutely nothing.

All these permissions are useful for a good functioning of the application. Only you can have access to the collected data, as this is encrypted. Simple, easy and safe, you can take care of your children!

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Is there a risk of my personal information being compromised with these permissions?


No sensitive user data is collected or stored by the app itself. All monitored information is encrypted before being transmitted over secure channels. However,certain risks exist if someone else gains physical access to your devices such as seeing textmessages sent/received,MissedCalls,and browsing history so it's importantto keep your device safe at all times.Moreover,it's recommended to inform any persons being monitored about it.


How do I grant these permissions for Spapp Monitoring?


You can grant these permissions during the installation process of the app. Some may also be requested when certain features are used for the first time. If they were not granted initially, you can go into your phone settings > Apps > select "SpApp Monitor" > Permissions > give permission manually.


What are Android permissions?


Android permissions are settings on your device that allow or restrict access to certain functions or information by apps. These permissions serve as a security measure, ensuring that apps only have access to the necessary resources and data.


Do I need special permissions to use Spapp Monitoring on Android?


Yes, you will need some specific permissions granted before installing or using Spapp Monitoring. These are necessary for the app to function properly and provide accurate data.


What is Spapp Monitoring?


Spapp Monitoring is a mobile monitoring and tracking software designed for Android devices. It allows users to monitor various activities on the target device, including calls, location, messages, social media apps, and more.


Can I uninstall Spapp Monitoring after installing it on my child/employee's phone?


Yes, you can easily uninstall Spapp Monitoring from both IOS and Android devices through their respective application managers/settings menu. This will also delete all its recorded data from the device unless you choose otherwise in your account settings.


Can I change my mind after someone installs my tracking app?


Yes! Once someone has installed your tracking app and granted you certain permissions, they can always revoke those same privileges at any time through their device management settings or by uninstalling your app completely. In addition there are uninstallation instructions included in every release of the Spapp Monitoring Android app so that disabling tracking from within its own\settings\application won't leave hidden logs lying around on device (trust us!).


Do I need to ask for user permission to track their location?


No, you don't need to request user permission to track the location of your users. Android permissions allow apps limited access to certain features of the device in order to provide a better user experience. However, tracking users' location is not one of those features and is not affected by permissions settings.