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Almost 400 iPhones are sold on the planet every minute and over a billion of these devices has been sold since the first of them hit the market in 2007. The popularity of this gadget is increasing constantly, and if you and your family are fans of it as well, having a reliable iPhone tracker would be a great benefit. Spapp Monitoring, a program that can effectively monitor and document all types of iPhone communications is a fantastic tool for parents and couples. Using it wisely can help keep your family safe as well as prevent your relationship from crumbling due to infidelity.

Tips for Using an iPhone Tracker

There are many ways in which an iPhone tracking app, such as Spapp Monitoring, can help you. For example:

• As a parent, you can use it to ensure your kids are safe. Installing an iPhone tracker on their smartphones would enable you to monitor their communications and find out if they are subject to cyberbullying or any other potentially dangerous contacts. Spapp Monitoring also allows you to block specific applications and pages to prevent your kids from stumbling over undesirable information online.
• As a spouse, an iPhone tracking application may help you find out if your other half is cheating on you. This program can also be used to prove that you are completely honest with each other. This kind of reassurance can be a part of the process of rebuilding your relationship after infidelity or some other issue related to the breaking of trust.
• As a business owner, tracking iPhones of your employees can alert you to any incidents of corporal espionage or harassment within the team.

Spapp Monitoring also has a practical value as a solid solution for creating backups of important data that goes through your iPhone. It will save the copies of messages, calls, logs, GPS routes, pictures, etc. on a secure server. In case the gadget is lost or damaged, you’ll be able to access all this information from any device through your Spapp Monitoring account.

How to Install an iPhone Tracker

Installing Spapp Monitoring is easy, but you must have the iPhone you want to track in your physical possession in order to do this. The program can be downloaded and installed directly from the application’s website. The installation process itself is simple and you’ll just need to follow prompts from the program to complete it within minutes.

You would also need to set up an account on the Spapp Monitoring and register in order to unlock all the best iPhone tracking features the program has to offer. There is a free trial period available for you to try out various features and decide which you need most. The trial lasts three days, which gives you ample opportunity to explore all of the app’s potential. Note that Spy App for Mobile Phone is updated regularly, so there are always new features and improvements to look forward to.

Now we recommend that you install the Android version. The Android version has more features such as WhatsApp Spy, Facebook Spy, Viber Spy, Snapchat Spy that are available even without ROOT. You only need to install the application, there is no complicated process.

Is iPhone Tracking Legal?

It’s legal to install and use an iPhone tracker like Phone Tracker with the express permission of the gadget’s owner. What kind of permission you need exactly is stated by the privacy laws in your state. You must find out this information and follow the relevant legal procedures in order to prevent any problems in the future.

Like all other mobile applications, Phone Monitoring isn’t completely undetectable. It’s impossible to make a program completely untraceable for a smartphone because of the way their operation systems work. The app also needs access to the Internet in order to upload the copies of monitored logs. Therefore, you must ensure that your mobile traffic package offers sufficient opportunities for transferring data.

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What type of information does this phone tracking app collect about my monitored devices?


The type of information collected depends on what action has been taken on a particular device whether that’s making calls, sending text messages, accessing certain websites etc., however in general terms it collects real-time location via GPS; call logs; text messages; emails; photos & videos; web browsing history; social media activity (including WhatsApp); and more.


Is there a limit on how many devices I can monitor at once with this phone tracking app?


The maximum number of devices that can be monitored at once with Spapp Monitoring | spy phone apps is 5 – however this limit can be easily increased depending on specific user requirements by requesting additional licenses from customer support team at no extra cost.


Does Spapp Monitoring | spy phone apps provide detailed reports on online activities of children too?


Yes - detailed reports on online activities of children are provided by this phone tracking app in order to help parents keep an eye on their kids. This includes monitoring emails, text messages, web browsing history, and more.


Does this app record conversations made over Skype or other VoIP services as well?


Yes – as long as those conversations have been conducted over a cellular network then they will be recorded by Spapp Monitoring | spy phone app. However, those conducted via Wi-Fi networks will not be recorded due to privacy restrictions imposed by such networks.


Are there any other features apart from tracking available within this phone tracking app?


Apart from tracking activities on monitored devices, Spapp Monitoring | spy phone app also provides remote control capabilities including taking screenshots; blocking apps; locking the device; and wiping data remotely if required.


Does using this phone tracking app involve any monthly fees?


No - there are no subscription fees associated with using Spapp Monitoring | spy phone apps – once installed, you only need to input your iCloud credentials into the app in order to start monitoring your target device(s).


Is there a way for me to back up data collected via Spapp Monitoring | spy phone app?


Yes – all data collected via the app can be backed up easily in various formats so that you don’t lose anything important. This ensures that data remains safe even if something were to happen to the original monitored device(s).


Does this phone tracking app collect data about apps being used as well?


Yes - Spapp Monitoring | spy phone app collects data about apps being used including which ones are installed; which ones are most frequently used; and which ones are blocked by the user (if applicable).


Can I install this phone tracking app remotely onto someone else's phone without their knowledge?


No – in order to use Spapp Monitoring | spy phone app you must have either physical access to the device(s) or access to its iCloud credentials (if it is an iPhone). This means that remote installation is not possible for this particular app.


Is it possible to set up alerts for certain events using Spapp Monitoring | spy phone app?


Yes - you can configure the app to send notifications or alerts when certain activities occur such as when the device leaves or enters a certain area, if a specific call is made or received, and other such scenarios.


Can I view a log of all the activities that have taken place on my monitored devices?


Yes - with Spapp Monitoring | spy phone app you can view a log of all activities that have taken place on your monitored device(s) including when they took place and what type of activity was recorded.


What platforms are supported by Spapp Monitoring | spy phone app?


The app currently supports both iOS (iPhone/iPad) as well as Android devices. It also has a web-based interface that works across multiple platforms for checking up on monitored devices from any compatible browser or mobile device.


Can I use Spapp Monitoring | spy phone app to monitor multiple devices at once?


Yes - you can monitor up to 5 different devices at any one time using the Spapp Monitoring | spy phone app app.


Is it possible to track an iPhone without having physical access to it?


Yes, with Spapp Monitoring | spy phone app you can track an iPhone remotely without having physical access to it by simply setting up iCloud credentials on the target device. Once this has been done, all activity will be recorded and tracked remotely in real-time.


The app works by using the iCloud service to collect data from the monitored device. This data is then sent to a secure server and stored in encrypted form for later retrieval and analysis. The app can also be configured to send alerts when certain actions are taken such as calls made or received or GPS locations entered.