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Spapp Monitoring Device Administrator Rights

To ensure that our Spapp Monitoring will not be uninstalled by children or your employees, our team decided to implement a new feature: Device Administrator Rights.

But what does it mean?

By enabling this feature your children will not be able to Uninstall our Spapp Monitoring and can’t execute the "Force close" process if they don’t enter the password set by you during the registration process.

Is it mandatory to accept the Device Administrator Rights?

No, this feature is not mandatory. You can also deny this permission, test Spapp Monitoring and when you reopen the application you will be asked again. It's up to you to decide if you want more control over the device used by your child.

How to disable this function?

This is done very easily. Please perform the following 4 steps:
-Go to Phone menu
-Open Spapp Monitoring
-Select Disable Administrator rights
-In the new window enter the password set by you during the registration process

Voilà! The Administrator Rights for this application have been disabled. Now you can uninstall the application like any Android application.
This option is implemented only in the version available on Google Play.
Please note that for this feature we had to make a few changes. Starting from this moment our application available on Google Play will require Android Froyo 2.2 or newer versions.

We hope that this feature will be helpful for you! Now you can rest assured knowing that your child will not be able to uninstall our Spapp Monitoring without your consent.

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It says no mobile data when I did it but it is connected to internet


Hi, It says no mobile data when you run #123456#? The app is still installed on the phone?

Komal ray



Hi, #123456# is the command to start the admin rights menu from the Spapp Monitoring app. Thanks


How do I grant my phone's Device Administrator Rights?


To grant your phone’s Device Administrator rights, navigate to the “Settings” menu on your device, select “Security,” then look for a menu option labeled something like “Device Administrators” (it may be under the “Apps with usage access” list). After you click this option you should see all currently available apps displayed with checkboxes next to them allowing you to choose which ones have administrator rights enabled on your device – simply enable those indicated by your particular tracking application in order for it to function as intended.


What are device administrator rights?


Device administrator rights allow an app to modify system settings on your mobile device and to have special privileges regarding device data or resources. This is commonly used for security, productivity, and parental control apps such as a phone tracker. By granting an app these permissions, it can access certain information related to the user's location or attempt to block certain activities.


What are some of the features of having "Device Administrator Rights" activated?


Some advantages of activating "Device Administrator Rights" include reduced risk when carrying company data due to built-in encryption capabilities; ability to disable sideloading - blocking users from installing unofficial applications through unknown sources like websites which reduces malware risks; remote wipe capabilities in case hardware is lost or stolen; stricter passcode enforcement helps prevent unauthorized access as well as other custom settings pertaining system updates, tethering controls etc., all designed around corporate security policy compliance needs instead of allowing employee’s discretion within their own managed phones..