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Spapp Monitoring version 13

The long awaited version of Spapp Monitoring is already online. Download and install Spapp Monitoring version 13 now.

Here are some of the features for this new version:
- Instagram messages without ROOT
- Tinder messages without ROOT
- Hike messages without ROOT
- Telegram messages without ROOT
- Fix for sent messages Facebook version
- Fix for sent messages Skype version
- Fix for sent messages Line version 8.17.1
- Fix for sent messages BBM version
- Fix for sent messages VK version 5.23
- Fix for sent messages Fecebook lite version

***In order to see the Instagram, Tinder, Hike, Telegram and all the other social apps messages without ROOT access you will need to activate the Accessibility access and Notification access options.

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Spapp Monitoring for Android

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