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Sony Xperia XZ: An Exemplary Flagship Smartphone

Sony has been the manufacturer of premium-quality electronic gadgets for many years. Although, their smartphone line has been a bit shaky with a few models that garnered negative reviews and many devices that tried but have never lived up to the expectations. The Sony Xperia XZ seems to be breaking this pattern as it’s a truly premium device one can rely on.

This gadget gives you absolutely everything you can expect from a flagship smartphone these days. The only exception is the fingertip scanner, although it’s unavailable only in the US models.

Otherwise, the design and functionality of the gadget are exemplary. It’s even waterproof, which makes it a good choice for those who are prone to over-abusing their gadgets. The phone looks fantastic and definitely stands out among traditional Samsung and iPhone models that are flooding the premium-grade market.

On the downside, the camera and full HD display aren’t particularly impressive. They are definitely good, but a smartphone of this caliber could do better. However, the phone is so fast and its hardware is so good, it’s perfect for gaming. As such, it also performs well with background applications, such as Spapp Monitoring.

The main rival of the Sony Xperia XZ is Samsung Galaxy S7. Admittedly, Sony’s product cannot win against it in any direct competition. The only thing that may give it some significant advantage in this contest is the design, but it’s reliant on personal tastes. Therefore, it’s not an advantage at all.

In fact, the choice between these two gadgets boils down to your personal tastes as well. They are comparable in overall efficiency and price, so you should just choose what you like best.

Reasons to Use Spapp Monitoring on Your Sony Xperia XZ

Spapp Monitoring is a tracking application that allows you to monitor the communications that go through the device as well as its condition and location. It even provides you with some measure of remote control of the gadget.

The most common reasons for installing this app are:
Monitoring your children.
Monitoring your employees if they are using company-owned phones.
Backing up your important data (pictures, messages, calls).

Whatever your reasons, Spapp Monitoring will allow you to keep track of all messages (including social media chats) and calls. It will also track the gadget through GPS and automatically upload copies of all pictures taken with the gadget’s camera.

However, in order to get Spapp Monitoring to work on your Sony Xperia XZ, you will need to change the smartphone’s default battery settings. Your goal is to disable the STAMINA mode of the battery, which is the built-in power management app.

In order to change the STAMINA mode settings go to Menu, them Settings, and Battery. There you will see the STAMINA mode tab. Click it and select Never to disable the mode. This little change is necessary for installing any kind of background application on the Sony Xperia XZ as this power-saving mode automatically disables all programs of this kind. Spy App for Mobile Phone must run in the background constantly in order to provide you with proper reports on all smartphone activity. Here is a video tutorial:

Is Using Phone Tracker Legal?

Yes, it is, but only if you follow the proper procedure during its installation. Every country has its unique set of laws that pertain to privacy, and the majority of them require you to inform the owner of the gadget about installing tracking software on their device. There might be additional regulations in your area, so you better check this beforehand.

You also need to understand that Phone Monitoring, like any other Android application, cannot be kept secret when you install it on the Sony Xperia XZ because it requires the use of the gadget’s resources and internet connection.

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