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Smartphone monitoring during lockdown

The new coronavirus is now officially worldwide, in many countries doing a lot of trouble.
During a pandemic as Covid-19 created, the most important thing is to slow down the spread of it in order to let the hospitals and medical staff work on a normal capacity or at list to not be in the situation to choose who to save and who to let on its own. This is why many countries are in lockdown. According social media some people are the 4th week at home in lockdown.

What is a phone monitoring app and how this can be used

A phone monitoring application is an app installed on a smartphone in order to monitor its activity such as social media, SMS, MMS messages, calls, browsers, system and many more.
One of such apps is Spapp Monitoring. This is a full monitoring app.

Spapp Monitoring uses are next:
1. Parental control;
2. Employee monitoring;
3. Personal data backup.

NOTE: Spapp Monitoring is for legal use only and in some situations (employee monitoring) needs the tracked person's agreement.

Why parental control is still important during lockdown

You'd think if your children are at home with you then the risk are less but with all the internet and time teenagers have on lock-down surely the screen time became longer. Last days I've read on a mom's group that even the 2-4 years old have a longer screen time. Imagine when it comes to teens.

According Pew Research Center, 95% of teenagers are connected to internet and 85% are social media users. In a society always connected to internet that can be a good thing. Like it or not, the future is in technology and growing up knowing about this can be useful. On the other hand, as the saying is the internet is big and dark and for teens, the age of thy and look it out, it's even darker and seems bigger. Cyberbullying is one of the problems when connected to internet and specific social media. Overall, 36.5% people have been cyberbullied in their lifetime. This is more than double from 2007 and increasing even from the last 2 years.

Being on a lockdown, teens have more time for scrolling on internet and on social media specifically. According a poll made by Ditch the Label, an active anti-bullying organization, 42% students have been cyberbullied on Instagram, 37% on Facebook, 31% in Snapchat, 12% on WhatsApp, 10% on Youtube and 9% on Twitter. This data is before the lockwons and all the coronavirus-pandemic thing. Now imagine a teen, being for days or even for weeks at home, without face-to-face communication with people on the same age, probably bored, a bit stressed looking around on internet and his/her parent on the coronavirus situation. Teenagers become more stressed and stressful and internet is the perfect place to leave that rage. According McCafe poll, 45% of teens would change their online behavior if they knew their parent were watching. On lockdown probably some of this data is even higher. You can not forbid a teen his online presence especially during a lockdown, so better monitor it and find an issue if there is one or just prevent it from the beginning.
A good solution would be a parental control app, such as Spapp Monitoring. This parental control app is not only about the location. Spapp Monitoring is a full monitoring smartphone app. One of the most used features are related to social media and browsing.

Spapp Monitoring has a long social media list:
- WhatsApp activity (message content, time, date and contact),
- Facebook activity (message content, notifications, time, date and contact),
- Instagram activity (message content, time, date and contact),
- Sanpchat activity (message content, time, date and contact),
- Skype activity (message content, time, date and contact),
- Viber activity (message content, time, date and contact),
- Twitter activity (message content, time, date and contact),
- VK activity (message content, time, date and contact),
- WeChat activity (message content, time, date and contact),
- Line activity (message content, time, date and contact),
- Kik activity (message content, time, date and contact),
- Tango activity (message content, time, date and contact),
- Hangouts activity (message content, time, date and contact),
- Kik activity (message content, time, date and contact),
- BBM activity (message content, time, date and contact),
- KakaoTalk (message content, time, date and contact),
- imo (message content, time, date and contact),
- Zalo (message content, time, date and contact),
- Discord (message content, time, date and contact),
- Hike (message content, time, date and contact),
- Telegram (message content, time, date and contact),
- Tinder (message content, time, date and contact).

Pretty impressive, right? Probably your kid is not on ALL this social media apps, but if any, this is in Spapp Monitoring features list. More than this, the features don't stop here, you'll receive SMS, MMS, pictures, video, browser, system logs as well as call recordings and surroundings. If your kid doesn't understand how to manage his/her time at home by doing homeschooling as well, just use the block functions: block browser URL, block app, block phone number.

Spapp Monitoring is not a solution to just put limitation to your kid, it is something to be in known and control your teen's behavior, to prevent an unwanted situation and of course to limit the screen time when needed.

Why employee monitoring is still important during lockdown

According to a poll made by Facility Executive, 88% of companies have required their employees to work from home in response to coronavirus pandemic. That's a pretty impressive number, but not all the companies and employees are ready for this. According a study from 2012 made by Science Direct, people a more productive on some tasks and less productive on others when it comes to working remotely. Shortly, for teamwork tasks people tend to be less productive and for creative task people tend to be more productive.
As an employer or manager you can do something to monitor your employee's activity and of course productivity. On good employee monitoring instrument is Spapp Monitoring. This is a smartphone monitoring app suitable for many jobs, especially businesses that don't have a personal employee monitoring solution. One of Spapp Monitoring features is app usage, so you can see if your employee was searching for inspiration, doing a marketing research or just scrolling on Facebook for news about coronavirus pandemic. Knowing this information will help you to better coordinate your team, when to interfere for help and new tasks assignment.

Phone Monitoring is useful on a pandemic or not. With many features permanently tested and new features added frequently, Phone Tracker has something for anyone.
Aside the big features offer, Spy App for Mobile Phone has a 3 days FREE trial, 24/7 technical support, flexible subscription offer and an easy for users interface.

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How often does the application synchronize tracked data with remote web portals?


Whenever an active internet connection is established between targeted cell phones and the company server hosting control panels, the synchronization process begins automatically, taking a few seconds depending upon the amount of information that needs transferring back and forth between the two endpoints simultaneously.


Are monitored data stored safely when collected from the target iPhone or Android phones?


All relevant data collected as part of tracking operations is securely stored on company servers located in various countries across the world using high-grade encryption protocols, ensuring that no unauthorized person can gain access to stored information before the retrieval process is successfully completed.


Is there a free trial version available for testing purposes only?


Unfortunately, no free trials exist for this type of surveillance application. However, its pricing plans are quite competitive compared to other similar products, making it an affordable solution for anyone looking to perform smartphone monitoring during the lockdown period.


Is Spapp Monitoring spy phone app approved by Apple's App Store?


While its iOS version has been approved for distribution on Apple’s App Store, some of the advanced features such as remote monitoring are not allowed within certain countries due to legal restrictions imposed upon developers working in those regions. However, these restrictions do not apply in most cases, and thus users should have no problem downloading and installing the app legally onto their iPhones regardless of the country of origin.


Does this product offer compatibility across multiple devices?


Yes, Spapp Monitoring spy phone app is supported on a wide variety of mobile platforms, including the latest Android operating systems up to version 10 and iOS versions released after iOS 8. One may install a single account on up to 5 different devices per subscription plan purchased by the customer, although multiple accounts may not be linked together under the same login credentials.


Do I need an internet connection while using this product?


As long as the target device remains connected via an active internet connection, Spapp Monitoring spy phone app will continuously collect information and send synced data remotely. So yes, having uninterrupted internet connectivity is a must in order to run this type of service smoothly.


Can I get access to other apps installed on my kids' or employees' phones?


Yes, you just need to enable the "App Usage" feature available in the subscription package. Whenever someone installs a new application or uninstalls existing software from the tracked device, you instantly receive a notification alert through the integrated emailing system built directly into the online dashboard panel.


Does the app monitor all types of activities on the target phone?


Yes, Spapp Monitoring spy phone app provides comprehensive monitoring coverage. The app can track a wide range of activities, such as GPS locations, call history, contacts lists, photos taken from the camera phone, and it automatically logs all incoming and outgoing text messages, including those from third-party services like WhatsApp, adding them into the web portal logs area.


Is Spapp Monitoring spy phone app difficult to use?


No, Spapp Monitoring spy phone app is designed to be simple and user-friendly for both parents and employers. It comes with an intuitive dashboard interface that allows users to easily navigate between different features, such as location tracking, call monitoring, text messages logging, etc.


Does Spapp Monitoring spy phone app support group chats monitoring feature?


Yes, group chat messaging platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are now also supported inside the application package, allowing users to gain insights into group discussions occurring throughout the network without letting anyone know about a spying eye watching every move happening inside the secret circle.


Are recorded conversations securely stored on cloud servers?


Yes, as soon as call recording finishes after the completion of the conversation, recordings get encrypted onto company servers located in multiple locations across the world through secure channels while complying with local regulations related to enterprise IT security.


Is there an age restriction associated with using online surveillance products like Spapp Monitoring spy phone app?


It depends upon the laws applicable in the country where the user is planning to use the service because some countries legally bound them, putting certain age restrictions over minors' protection act within their jurisdiction.


Are these parental control apps compatible with all types of mobile platforms?


Generally speaking, all popular Android and iOS monitoring applications offer the same features across both operating systems. However, due to certain restrictions imposed by Apple onto the App Store regarding third-party software installations, you may find that a few features are missing from its iOS version compared to its Android counterpart.


Are there any other parental control apps available besides Spapp Monitoring spy phone app?


Yes, there are numerous other parental control apps available on the market today that allow parents to remotely track and monitor their children’s devices during lockdown periods or anytime else when they need extra peace of mind about their kids’ safety online. Some popular alternatives include MMGuardian, Qustodio, Norton Family Premier, and Kaspersky Safe Kids.


Does this type of monitoring require physical access to my child's/employee's device?


Generally, yes. In order to install the app on a target phone, some level of physical access is required, at least initially. However, if your child/employee has an iPhone, then you can use iCloud-based solutions such as those offered by Spapp Monitoring spy phone app, which do not require physical contact with the device to set up remote monitoring capabilities.


Is there any way to limit what kind of data is tracked by the app?


Yes, users are able to customize their settings so that only the most relevant data is tracked and monitored. This includes selecting which types of information they wish to monitor (e.g., location data) or setting up specific time frames during which monitoring should take place.


What kind of activities can be monitored with Spapp Monitoring spy phone app?


Spapp Monitoring spy phone app is capable of tracking a wide range of activities on the target device, such as location, calls, text messages, browsing history, and social media activity. Additionally, it provides instant alerts for suspicious behavior and remote access control over websites visited by users.


How reliable and secure is this application?


From a reliability standpoint, Spapp Monitoring spy phone app ensures that all relevant information collected from targeted phones is securely stored on company servers located in various countries across the world, so that no unauthorized person gains access to stored information before the retrieval process is successfully completed. From a security perspective, they use high-grade encryption protocols along with an ultra-modern storage infrastructure built upon the latest concepts related to enterprise IT security solutions.


Does Spapp Monitoring spy phone app provide a geofencing option?


Yes, with the geofencing feature included in the subscription package, you get the ability to create virtual boundaries around certain areas. Whenever someone goes outside specified area boundaries (or inside), you instantly receive notification alerts about the same through email or push notifications services built inside the dashboard panel itself. This greatly helps parents in protecting their kids from traveling outside predefined limits created by them on a map-based interface available under the geofencing tab section.


Is Spapp Monitoring spy phone app easy to install?


Yes, Spapp Monitoring spy phone app takes only a few minutes for installation when you have physical access to the target device in hand, which makes it very convenient even for non-technical users. Once set up is done, all monitored data will immediately start getting synced up with your private online dashboard where one can easily view and manage tracked data anytime via any internet-connected device.


Spapp Monitoring spy phone app is a phone tracker app designed specifically for parent control and employee monitoring purposes during COVID-19 lockdowns. It offers features such as GPS location tracking with real-time updates; call recording; remote access control over websites visited by users; SMS logging; instant alerts for suspicious activities; social media activity tracking; photo capturing from the camera phone, etc. All


What are some benefits of using smartphone monitoring during lockdown?


During lockdown periods when people are required to stay at home for extended periods of time due to health concerns, monitoring smartphones provides peace of mind that your employees/children are safe and not exposing themselves unnecessarily to risk. It also enables employers/parents to locate their staff/kids if needed in emergency situations. Additionally, it allows businesses/parents to monitor inappropriate online behavior.


What is smartphone monitoring?


Smartphone monitoring refers to the tracking of a user's mobile phone activities, including their locations and other information about how they use their device. This type of surveillance can be used by businesses or parents to keep an eye on employees or children during the COVID-19 lockdown.