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How to set up your parental control app

The best thing about parental control apps is that it enables you to turn on restrictions. When it comes to the safety of your child, nothing is ever really extreme. Filtering Spy Apps and blocking but it’s only a matter of time before your child realizes that you are looking out for their best interest. So, do it fearlessly because your child wellbeing depends on it. Due to the fact that not everyone is well-acquainted with technology, some parents may have a hard time knowing how to get started. We hope this article with go a long way in getting you there.

Setting up parental control on your child’s phone may be a little different from a computer set up. Either way, it is of great advantage to learn about ways to easily protect Android smartphones as well as protecting iPhones or iPad tablet. However, kids are increasingly savvy these days and they often manage to use their phones and in ways that you didn’t seem possible.

Phone parental control
It’s quite easy to create a restricted profile on a Smartphone but the only catch is that you need multiple user accounts. This will let you control the apps permission of each user profile thus it will help you keep your child safe.

These are the general steps
a) Go to settings on your phone; scroll down to select users and thin tap on add user or profile. Then choose on whether to create on ordinary user profile or a restricted profile is entirely yours. (choose restricted)
b) Choose a pattern, pin or password lock and follow the rest of the instructions
c) Give the new profile that you have created a name
d) Go through the list of applications and choose the ones that you are comfortable with your child accessing.
e) When this is done, you’ll find a restricted account protected with a pin, a pattern or a password on the lock screen. Even though your child can still access their account, they will only be able to use the apps that you deem appropriate.

However a much more effective way to restrict access to application, impose restrictions based on keywords or deny access to certain websites will be to install and use a monitoring software like Phone Monitoring. All steps for setting up the Android monitoring software as well as setting up the iOS tracking release are detailed on our website so will be really easy to accomplish such a task. After that you can simply switch a trigger or type a keyword from the Spy App Dashboard and your child's device will be fully protected!

There! Just follow these easy steps and you will be a button away from ensuring your child’s safety and having a considerable amount of peace of mind. Yes-it’s that easy!


Is Spapp Monitoring - spy phone compatible with multiple devices?


Yes, Spapp Monitoring - spy phone is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms, so it can be used across any type of device. Additionally, parents are able to track multiple devices under one single account name. This allows them to manage and monitor their family's digital activities from anywhere at any time!


What type of support does Spapp Monitoring - spy phone offer in case I encounter technical issues?


If you ever experience any kind of technical issue while using Spapp Monitoring - spy phone, the team of highly trained technicians is available around the clock to provide assistance, no matter how minor the query might be. This ensures satisfaction is guaranteed, backed by the fully satisfied end result delivered to each and every customer who interfaces with Spapp!


Is there any way for me to get reports about activities conducted by my children over a certain period of time?


Sure, you can generate detailed reports containing a breakdown of user activities, including a summary of total calls made, messages received, total hours spent online per website or application, and more. Simply click the "Reports" tab located at the top navigation bar, specify the date range, and then click the "Generate" button in the bottom right corner to generate a report ready for export in HTML or CSV format. Reports can be viewed on respective supporting applications on laptops, desktop computers, and mobile devices alike!


Is there a way for me to limit screen time on my child's phone?


Yes, within the parental controls menu, select the "Screen Time Limits" tab and choose the option you want to apply across the whole network connection. This ensures that only the allowed amount of time is spent browsing prescribed websites or using applicable programs during the day and night hours. All changes are saved automatically after applying the selected changes and instantly become effective, making sure device usage remains within predetermined constraints decided beforehand!


Can I view call logs and messages sent/received by my children?


Yes, one great feature offered by the Spapp Monitoring - spy phone service allows users to view call logs and messages sent and received by each user under the monitored account name. This gives parents insight into conversations taking place between contacts on the list, even if contact numbers were not previously known beforehand!


Is there anything else I need to do before I can start using Spapp Monitoring - spy phone?


Once you have installed the app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, depending on the platform your child's phone uses, and completed all the steps in the installation wizard, you will be ready to begin using your monitoring program. However, it's important that you register an account, which will give you access to data collected over the network securely, while also protecting tracked information from unauthorized third parties accessing monitored data without permission!


Does Spapp Monitoring - spy phone require any special hardware?


No, as long as the monitored mobile device supports either the iOS or Android platform and meets the system requirements, no extra hardware is needed. Simply download the app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and then log into your account dashboard, where parental control options can be easily customized to suit your personal needs and preferences.


Are there any additional features available with Spapp Monitoring - spy phone?


Yes, in addition to monitoring and alerting functions, Spapp Monitoring - spy phone also has a unique feature called "Geofencing," which allows you to create virtual fences around certain areas. You will be notified whenever your child enters or leaves that area. This is especially useful for keeping track of where teens might wander off to without risking their safety, as well as ensuring young children don't go to places unaccompanied!


Is there a way to receive notifications when unusual activity occurs via Spapp Monitoring - spy phone?


Yes! Parents have the ability to receive alerts when unusual activity occurs, such as entering prohibited locations, or if GPS tracking shows suspicious locations being visited by the child's device. This helps give parents peace of mind that their kids are staying safe, even if they are not able to physically monitor them all the time.


Can I restrict access to specific applications like social media platforms or gaming consoles?


Absolutely! Within the parental controls menu, select the "App Restrictions" tab and tick the boxes next to the applicable programs you want to prohibit from being installed or accessed over the network connection. All changes are saved automatically after applying the selected changes and instantly become effective, making sure that only allowed apps remain visible each time the user logs into the monitored system!


Can I customize which contacts have access to my child's tracked data?


Yes! You can easily customize who has access to view monitored data from your account dashboard via the "Contacts" tab located at the top navigation bar. There are three options available: Allow All Contacts Access to Data (default), Only Allow Selected Contacts Access to Data, and Block All Contacts from Viewing Any Tracked Data. Your selected option applies across all phones being monitored under the same account name, so no matter how many devices are registered with the service, the contact type chosen in this section will apply to each one!


How do I enable parental controls through Spapp Monitoring - spy phone?


To enable parental controls through Spapp Monitoring - spy phone, simply log into your account dashboard, where you will find a "parental controls" tab in the top navigation bar. You will then see a list of options available for customizing restrictions on the type of content or activities that should be blocked from the user's device, such as adult websites and language filters. Once all selections are made, just hit the "Apply Changes" button in the bottom right corner to save your


How do I install Spapp Monitoring - spy phone on my child's device?


Installing Spapp Monitoring - spy phone on your child's device is simple. First, you must download the app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, depending on the platform your child's phone uses. After the download is complete, you will be guided through an installation wizard to configure settings for tracking preferences and remote management security options, such as passwords. Finally, once all the steps in the installation wizard are completed, you will be ready to begin using your monitoring program!