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Samsung Galaxy S7 (Edge)

There are thousands of smartphone models available on the market today, and many of them are truly excellent devices. Leading manufacturers release a new model every few months, and it’s always filled with new perks. However, at the moment, none of them can compare to the Samsung Galaxy S7 (Edge) . This gadget stands out due to its beautiful design, high functionality, and reliable security features. It’s also easy to customize, which enables the user to make sure the gadget fits their needs perfectly.

Samsung is a company that has been among the leaders of the smartphone market for quite a while, and their competition with Apple is nothing short of legendary. However, a couple of years ago, they seemed to have lost their edge. It’s not very surprising that it was the Edge series that brought the manufacturer back to the leading position. The S6 model of two years previous was good, but there were quite a few complaints regarding its performance, especially in terms of battery life. The S7 model has successfully rectified all the shortcomings of its predecessor to a truly impressive degree.

Samsung Galaxy S7 (Edge): Outstanding Features

It’s hard to point out several features that make this particular gadget stand out as every part of it is great. Starting with the sleek and stylish glass-and-metal design to its ability to be submerged in the water. Yes, this model isn’t some gentle piece of tech you must treat with extreme care. It truly is a gadget made for surviving in the modern world.

A few years ago, smartphones used to be either waterproof and sturdy (read huge and ugly) or sleek and extremely fragile. This one is neither. It looks fantastic and is durable enough to take the abuse that inevitably comes with frequent use.

The design of the Samsung Galaxy S7 (Edge) makes the grip easy and its size is just perfect for holding, so you can play with your smartphone for hours without any discomfort. This wasn’t the case with the sturdier S6 model, which strained your wrist.

Wireless charging and the Always On mode are two of the most attractive new features of this model. Each has its own benefits for the user. The hardware is definitely the other major attraction as all of it is top-notch.

Installing Spapp Monitoring on Samsung Galaxy S7 (Edge)

Spapp Monitoring is an application that can serve many purposes, from monitoring your children to preventing marital infidelity and corporate espionage. We remind you that is against the law to hack someone's privacy. Please read our Terms of service . This program keeps track of all calls and messages that go through the gadget, monitors its location through GPS, and even copies the chat, browser, and system logs. It also has a variety of additional spying features, such as ambient surrounding recording that can be activated remotely.

However, if you want to use Spy App for Mobile Phone on your Samsung Galaxy S7 (Edge), you’ll have to make one simple adjustment to the gadget. It’s an easy thing to do, so even a nontech-savvy person can perform the task quickly.

To make the program function properly on a Samsung device, you’ll have to adjust the Smart Manager feature settings. This particular feature is a unique creation of this manufacturer and can interfere with the running of mobile apps. Check the exact steps in the next video tutorial

In the case of Samsung Galaxy S7 (Edge), the adjustments are minimal. You just need to access the Menu, the go to Settings, then Battery, and Detail. There, you’ll need to find the Backup app, which is the Phone Tracker and disable it. Just select Don’t Optimize and Turn Off.

These adjustments won’t affect the gadget itself, only enabling the tracker to do its job properly. Otherwise, the Phone Monitoring installation process would be very simple and with the last versions of the program, it doesn’t require ROOT access to track most of the relevant data.

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