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More and more people need to learn how to use a Samsung tracker application these days as the number of these gadgets on the market grows. The latest revenue reports from Samsung indicate that it’s about to beat Apple, its main competitor. And the people who use Samsung smartphones require extra protection that tracking applications offer.

How & Why Use a Samsung Spy App

A tracker application is more than a way to monitor someone’s communications. It’s a program that allows you to protect your children, employees, important data, and the gadget itself. By tracking calls and messages with it, you get to make sure that your kids aren’t communicating with anyone dangerous. Doing the same to your employees will help deal with any cases of office bullying.

Installing a progressive Samsung spy app on your business smartphones will also enable you to make sure people aren’t wasting their time playing around. A program like Spapp Monitoring has many tracking features that will monitor all important types of cell phone activity, including:

• Browser history
• Applications use
• Camera
• Messaging logs from social media apps. We recommend Snapchat Spy, Facebook Spy, WhatsApp Spy, Viber Spy, that are available even without ROOT.

Other features built into this Samsung tracker app include a GPS tracker, ambient surroundings monitor, and remote control. These are very helpful in finding, blocking, and wiping lost or stolen gadgets.

Don’t forget that you can also use the copies of logs, messages, call records, and camera pictures uploaded to the Spapp Monitoring server as backups. It may be called a ‘Samsung spy’ app, but it’s really designed for making you and your loved ones safer.

How to Install a Samsung Tracker App on Your Smartphone

Samsung’s revenue has reached $54.8 billion in the first quarter of 2017, the companies profit growing to $12.6 billion. This is a solid proof of their gadgets’ quality, which indicates that the company goes above and beyond to make their devices great. Of course, this means that they come with a variety of built-in safety features.

Unfortunately, some of them conflict with a Samsung spy app. For these devices, in particular, the conflict comes from the native battery-protection application. The Samsung Smart Manager will automatically shut down all background apps in order to reduce power consumption.

For Spapp Monitoring to be an effective Samsung tracker, it must run in the background all the time. It also requires access to the internet in order to upload logs to the app’s secure server regularly.

Therefore, you must make an exception for Spapp Monitoring in the Samsung Smart Manager. This way, the gadget won’t turn off the tracker, so you’ll be able to benefit from it fully. Check out this video guide on how to disable Smart Manager optimizations:

You’ll only need to take this one extra step you’ll need to take in order to get Spapp Monitoring working on a Samsung device. Aside from that the installation process is easy and straightforward.

1. Download Spy App for Mobile Phone and activate the program.
2. Follow the Installation prompts from the app.
3. Set up a Phone Tracker account using your email.
4. Choose settings for your Samsung tracker.

You’ll be able to do the latter using your account. You will also be able to activate or turn off any features whenever you need.

Bear in mind that installing a Samsung spy app on an adult’s phone without their consent is a crime. You’ll have to research the privacy laws in your region and follow them to the letter. Phone Monitoring is a legal application. However, it’s your responsibility to use it right.

This entails giving a warning about installation and obtaining consent from all people who use the gadget. Check out your laws to see if the consent must have a written proof.

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Spy Phone App has always performed well on Samsung Phones.


Can I use this service to check deleted messages from my tracked Samsung device?


Yes! Even though it is not possible to view recently deleted messages directly through the app’s interface, Spapp Monitoring spy phone app allows users to generate detailed reports about past conversations that happened within certain date ranges; As long as those messages were sent before deletion, they will still appear in these generated reports.


Does Spapp Monitoring spy phone app track data usage on a Samsung device?


Yes, with Spapp Monitoring spy phone app, you can monitor the data and Wi-Fi usage of your tracked devices. This allows users to better understand their family members' or employees’ online activities so that they can take any necessary actions if needed.


Can I get a detailed report of every incoming and outgoing call made/received on my tracked Samsung device using the Spapp Monitoring spy phone app service?


Yes, a specially designed feature helps the customers easily generate a customized report containing details regarding calls made and received between two particular dates selected by the user, enabling them to check call duration and the entire conversation at a single glance, saving a lot of manual labor work usually associated with such tasks. Generally speaking, you can get detailed information about every call made or received on the tracked device.


What type of action is taken whenever suspicious activity is identified through this service?


Whenever suspicious activity is detected, an immediate notification is sent to the target device along with details regarding the same, so the person is aware of the situation and can respond accordingly. Additionally, depending on the severity of the matter, concerned authorities might be involved to investigate further if needed.


Are there any restrictions regarding the age group using such tracking applications?


Users must comply with local laws when using phone tracking applications such as Spapp Monitoring spy phone app. Due to privacy regulations, people under 18 years old cannot be tracked without parental consent.


Do I need to root my Samsung phone to install Spapp Monitoring spy phone app?


No, currently we don't require users to perform the rooting process while installing the app. However, some features like blocking apps or contacts may be available only on rooted devices due to security concerns implemented by the manufacturer itself.


How much battery does this application consume while running in the background?


As per the latest tests conducted, our application consumes a very minimal amount of energy, not enough to significantly affect device performance and battery life. Still, we recommend that users keep a close watch over power consumption just to ensure everything is alright.


Is there any way I can remotely uninstall Spapp Monitoring spy phone app from the target device?


Yes, if at any time a user feels like they don't need our services anymore, they are free to go ahead and uninstall the app directly from their web-based dashboard without even touching the target phone.


Does it require any special setup or software installation for me to start using Spapp Monitoring spy phone app?


No, it is a mobile application, so all you need is an internet connection and one compatible smartphone (with Android OS version 6.0+). Once installed, you’ll be able to track your device within minutes.


Is there a limit as to how often I can access the tracked data?


No, you can access the tracked data as frequently as required and in real time. This means that any activities taking place on your monitored device will be available almost instantly on your Spapp Monitoring spy phone app account.


Can I monitor multiple devices with Spapp Monitoring spy phone app?


Yes, you can use the same account to track an unlimited number of Samsung devices. This allows users to keep tabs on all their family members or employees with ease.


How quickly does the data get updated when a monitored person moves from one place to another?


All data gets updated almost instantly within a few seconds, depending on the connection speed provided by the network carrier used, making our real-time tracking service truly reliable for everyday use.


Can I view browsing history using this application?


Yes! With Spapp Monitoring spy phone app, we enable users to access complete web browsing history, including a list of visited sites along with date and time stamps associated with each entry made on the target device.


Is there a limit regarding the number of devices that I can monitor at the same time using a single account?


No, we don't impose any such limitations, but we still suggest users should maintain 3-4 devices per user for better performance and smooth functioning overall.


Is there any way for me to block certain contacts or numbers from contacting my tracked Samsung device?


Yes, with Spapp Monitoring spy phone app, you can easily create blacklists and whitelists of contacts or phone numbers so that only specific people can contact your monitored device. This way, you have full control over who has access to your family members' phone calls and messages.


Does this service provide compatibility with other smartphones besides Samsung?


Unfortunately no, currently we only provide compatibility for Samsung devices, but in the near future, we will definitely expand our supported platforms list.


Is there a free trial period available before purchasing a monthly subscription plan?


Yes! We offer a 7-day free trial period during which time you'll get complete access to all the features offered by us without spending anything at all. If, after that time frame, our services meet your needs, then feel free to go ahead and purchase your desired subscription plan.


Does this service come with customer support?


Yes, if you ever need help navigating around or understanding how something works within the app, there will always be someone available 24/7 at the customer support center who will walk you through every step needed until everything is working properly again.


What types of data can be accessed with Spapp Monitoring spy phone app?


With Spapp Monitoring spy phone app, users can view call logs, text messages, emails sent or received on the tracked device, web browsing history, photos taken or received by the device owner; You can also access information about installed applications, such as WhatsApp chats or Skype conversations.


Spapp Monitoring spy phone app utilizes GPS technology to track the location of a Samsung device in real-time. Additionally, it has features such as monitoring all incoming and outgoing calls and messages, viewing installed apps, blocking unwanted contacts, setting geofences for specific areas, and more.