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Remote tracking is now possible. You can now use Phone Monitoring as a remote spy app. If you want to know all about it, keep reading.

How to spy remotely with Phone Tracker

Spy App for Mobile Phone is a complete tracking app and now a remote tracker. You have 2 options to spy on phone remotely:

1. Send an invite to the device you want to spy remotely from our website.

To use first option you just need to create an account and send the invite to the wanted phone number as SMS, social media apps such as Whatsapp or any other communication channel. To create an account without a device you must go tot he promo page (tap on Promo from the home page of our website) and use the option Register your account. After you do it, you'll see the invite message that you can copy and send tot he wanted device to spy remotely on.

2. Send an invite to the device to remote tracking from your own device or any other device you installed our app starting version 16.8.

If you already have an account on our website, then you can send the invite from that device if it has at least version 16.8 of our app. In this case you need to restart our app by dialing #12345678# and tap on call button (the green one) -> accept-next -> Now the invite button will appear. Tap on it and send the invite message with the install link to the wanted contact so you could remote spy on that device.

The device you want to spy remotely will receive your invite message either way you choose to send it. The phone user must install the app himself. The invite app is simplified, without your account details so your credentials will remain personal.

NOTE:spy remotely don't install the app then you'll need physical access to install the app on the device.
You also may need physical access in case the app is not set-up properly, like some settings not enabled and/or task killers steps not done.
We remind you that the remote tracker must be used legally.

If you have any questions on spy on phone remotely or anything else related to our app, please don't hesitate to contact us on [email protected] and someone will assist you as fast as possible.

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