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LG G5: The Swiss Army Knife of Smartphones

The smartphones of today are so impressive that it’s hard to imagine what one company must do to make their gadget stand out on the market. LG definitely achieved this goal with the LG G5, a modular gadget that allows you to customize the piece in a variety of ways. The device might not have reached the full potential of this idea, but it definitely demonstrated that the Korean manufacturer is capable of competing with the leaders of the industry. It’s also great news that this model of LG is perfectly compatible with Spapp Monitoring.

Perks of the LG G5 Modular Design

To really understand why the G5 model is worth the praise heaped upon it, one needs to see what exactly it’s capable off. The #1 feature that makes it special when compared to other smartphones in its class is the removable battery. It seems that manufacturers have jointly decided that this particular feature has become obsolete, much to the disappointment of most users.

However, LG returned the replaceable battery, which immediately upped the longevity of the gadget. To make it even better, the LG G5 features:

• Two rear cameras (both rather impressive)
• Expandable storage
• Always-On display (5.3``)

The cost of the gadget is a little bit below the Galaxy S7 from Samsung. The design of the gadget is very different from its main competitors, the aforementioned S7 and iPhone 6S. The LG does look ‘simpler’ but it has some very handy features going for it. One is the extra strong screen, which is important for a modern user who likes to abuse their tech on occasion.

The other is the design of the replaceable battery. Unlike with the traditional setup that required you to peel off the back panel of the phone, the LG G5 has a cartridge-like battery that slots into the gadget at the bottom. Thus, replacing it has actually become easy and female users would definitely appreciate that their manicures don’t have to suffer for it.

The dual-camera is also quite handy, especially for Instagram lovers who are always ready to take the perfect shot. One of the lenses allows you to take extra-wide photos, which expands your photographing capabilities greatly.

All in all, the G5 is a definite improvement over the previous model G4, which seemed like it spelled the end of LG. This gadget is good, but it definitely has lots of unrealized potential that the modular design offers. However, one can hope that the manufacturer would continue to improve with their next models.

Spapp Monitoring for LG G5

This gadget from LG can effectively support all the features of a top-quality tracking app without any trouble. So, if you want to have access to Spy App for Mobile Phone’s full functionality, this would be a great choice.

Unlike with many other devices, the program doesn’t require any special adjustments of the settings for it to work with the G5. The latest updates of the application even allow you to use the majority of its tracking features without ROOT access.

Phone Tracker can monitor all kinds of activity going on the smartphone, including:

System logs

Please note that like any other tracking app, Phone Monitoring isn’t undetectable as it requires the use of the gadget’s resources that cannot be hidden. It’s also required by law that you inform the owner of the device about installing this application.

LG G5 is such an efficient gadget that it should work with this program without any issues. If any problems occur, the developer provides customer service that would help you resolve them quickly. Please, remember to research your local privacy laws before you start using the app.

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