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Huawei P9: Great Gadget for Camera-Lovers

Huawei is a manufacturer that produced some reasonably good gadgets, and the Huawei P9 is a great addition to their collection of products. This gadget’s most outstanding part is the dual-lense camera that takes amazing pictures. However, there are a few issues that still prevent Huawei from taking the position alongside the leaders of the Smartphone market.

Despite any minor weaknesses of this device, it’s highly functional and would serve well to anyone who requires a top-quality second-tier Android smartphone. It supports all the most popular apps and works reasonably fast. You can use Spapp Monitoring on the P9 without any issues.

Huawei P9: Pros and Cons

The P9 is a truly beautiful smartphone, which immediately sets it apart from most of the competitors on the market. The gadget’s design is nothing short of exquisite and quite a few people choose it for this reason alone.

Another huge advantage of the model is the camera. Its setup is extremely efficient and allows for magnificent pictures. Unfortunately, this is where the drawback #1 comes out as the camera software can get glitchy. It’s this particular weakness in the software department that is the biggest weakness of Huawei P9 and most of the other gadgets produced by this company.

The overall efficiency of the device is quite high and it performs well enough to satisfy an average Android user. The battery doesn’t hold up very well, which is an issue considering its size and the promise of the manufacturer. The Huawei Mate 9 has a much better battery performance.

Overall, the P9 is a prime example of Huawei’s products. It has some features that you can find only in high-end gadgets, such as the camera and great processor. At the same time, it’s available for a lower price than the leaders of the market. This effect is achieved by reducing the specs in other areas, which lowers the general performance rate of the smartphone.

Using Spapp Monitoring on Huawei P9

If you want to use all the tracking benefits of Spapp Monitoring on your P9, you’ll be able to do this easily. The device effectively supports all the features of the program, enabling you to monitor any type of activity going through the smartphone.

Please remember that you must always warn the owner of the gadget if you install Spapp Monitoring App on their device as this is required by the privacy laws in most countries.

Like all other tracker applications, Spapp Monitoring isn’t completely invisible on an Android device. Making a 100% ‘ghost’ app is impossible due to the way mobile operation systems are designed.

Once installed on the Huawei P9, the program would be able to monitor, record, and provide you with the copies of all important data, including phone calls and chat messages exchanged through the gadget. It also tracks the device through GPS and can even record the surrounding sounds through the smartphone’s microphone. This Spapp Monitoring feature can be activated through remote command.

In order to activate Spapp Monitoring on the Huawei P9, you’ll need to add it to the list of Protected Apps. This is necessary to enable third party background applications on all Huawei gadgets.

You can do this by going to the Settings from the Home screen and choosing the Advanced Settings tab. Then, go to Battery Manager and choose Protected Apps. Select Spy App for Mobile Phone from the list and activate it.

With this simple task complete, Phone Tracker would be able to run in the background, recording and tracking various activities and uploading logs to your account regularly. It will not shut down on its own, so you’ll get regular reports from the device. You can access them from anywhere through the Phone Monitoring website.

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